Episode 41 Musing

20 Jan

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 94/ Post #1865

1) Timeline of shoots: sis Lilshortnancy and Keax raised good points as to the timeline of the shoot and concerts. But there is one clue I found of their blackroom interview: Based on the pics–they filmed the interview just before broadcast of the MBC Awards (29Dec).

** Notice Hwanhee/Yobi’s hair & makeup here, of course they weren’t wearing their matching black outfits yet. This could be the answer too to the reason why Hwayobi /Hwanhee did not get the chance to walk on the red carpet. Both are already in the building earlier than the others to record the interview. From a fancam, I saw clips of Yobi/Hwanhee’s arrival on their table. They must be so tired and Yobi got hungry (remember we caught her nibbling a cheese stick).

2) Surprise for Yobi: It is great Hwanhee was able to ask Yobi how she was surprised before and planned his own surprise for her in the same way. Thanks to Brian, KJK and the concert producer/director who also extended help and rearranged everything so that Nampyeong can leave the concert early. But he did look a bit tired while he was in the car on his way to Yobi’s concert. However, as he left Yobi’s concert hall, there’s a distinct spring to his every step. smile.gif

As Hwanhee came on stage, I noticed he is all red from the neck, and even his face—a sign of distress! I noticed this when I saw the clip the first time, but I attributed it to just his excitement. From the fancams in YT there was a point in the talk that Hwanhee changed his voice’s tone/timbre and quietly asked Yobi if she’s doing well (YT clips-extended version: @1:52). It’s what my keen ears picked up on and it sounded so tender for me. smile.gif

3) Yobi@FTTS concert: So now we know, Hwanhee saw Yobi before their duet. I made a sequence of screencaps on where his eyes were looking at when he is checking Yobi out the first time…

Pic-1: was he looking at her feet/legs?

, Pic-2: where do you think?? *grin* because on

Pic-3: He is now looking at Yobi’s face… telling (at last!)

“Wow. You came here dressed Pretty!”

*woot! husband finally said pretty!* Pic-4: we see what Yobi was showing and her jacket’s open. *winks*

Of course, he got a second chance inspecting her during their talk and Yobi blushed on the third frame. *giggles*

3) Too shy to look at each other? – I had a quick look at their Endless Love clip and Hwanhee didn’t have a problem at all looking at Yobi then. Yobi, as usual, will close her eyes. But I am glad in the concert itself, Hwanhee did it and then more of it during the Endless Love duet for the MBC Awards. I know his gaze never strayed away from Yobi throughout that duet.

4) Drunken Truth – sis, love_fu, you expressed doubts about this. But my take is that, Hwanhee wanted to say something else about the song until Brian’s question gave him the chance to mention ‘Gaettonge’. Notice his shy smile and how he turned his head.

He did the same thing on Yobi’s concert when the crowd wanted them to kiss/hug. Turned his head behind him to hide a smile–lucky for us there’s a cam recording behind him (Pic-3) so he can’t hide anything. *winks*

5) “Dummy” – That’s interesting because I first heard Yobi call Hwanee ‘Dummy’ during the Ant Tour –after he sang My Person to Yobi. Yobi was reassuring him that her nickname ‘Gaettonge’ is really nice. smile.gif Maybe that’s her affectionate way to address Nampyeong outside filming?

Overall, this episode is alright. I wish there’s more to watch! I am happy I get to see “the hugging” scene (at last), more visual reactions from Hwanhee with our unni’s sultriness, happy that they have so much time together to practice their song, a charming revelation that Yobi wears glasses (and she looks adorable) and Brian (wish he will be their house guest one day).

I understand that this is a reality show and like Carribeane said this is a great time to enjoy our couple because we won’t see them every week or even together often than we wanted to once they leave the show. So let’s stay excited for them. smile.gif On the other hand, it’s not bad at all to dream a little and put some good thoughts out for them… this couple brought lots of happiness to my Sundays. May they find it in their hearts that what started here is something that could be meaningful and decide to make it for real. *dreamy*

” Fortune and love favor the brave!” (Ovid)


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