Hwanyobi SIGNtology Part II

23 Jan

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 96/ Post #1910

Read with an OPEN MIND and HEART
Digest…reflect and it’s up to the individual’s discretion

What type of ladies attract a Capricorn Man…
What signs do they show when they are attracted to a lady ?

“Love will make him shines and you will see it in his face.
He will not say it out loud; you have to know it yourself.”

“You will only be able to attract Capricorn if you…
can break through his defence. Support him in his career.”

“He might try to make silly and sometimes ineffective jokes…
just to get a laugh or smile out of you.

How to attract a Capricorn guy ?
Capricorn is ambitious, a (social) climber with a serious view on life. Material success is highly important to him. Seduce Capricorn by giving him financial or material security. Tell him about your accomplishments.

To seduce Capricorn you need to be practical and down-to-earth, almost business-like. Capricorn doesn’t like risks and is (overly) suspicious, making it not easy to seduce him.

Moreover, he tends to be a workaholic and you will not seduce Capricorn by criticizing this.

If you want to attract Capricorn, be organized and support his ambitions. Privacy and discretion are his keywords. So, seduce Capricorn in secrecy… NO public gestures or display of affection. They don’t like public displays of affection.

Attract Capricorn by barely touching his skin now and then. Give him a massage.
*awwww wasn’t he massaged by dear wife…

How to attract the Capricorn Man ?
It will not always be easy to attract the male Capricorn as this sign is quite good at building walls around him.

Also, Capricorn is serious and sometimes humorless. He’s very conventional and needs someone with old-guard values to share the traditional, stable and functional lifestyle.

You will only be able to attract Capricorn if you can break through his defence. Support him in his career.

What type of ladies are Capricorn guy attracted to ?
The type of woman is socially acceptable and somewhat formal or aloof – and serious about success or status.

A lady that can boost his image, career or finances, will likely draw his interest.

Attracted to ladies that can make him laugh and inject humour in his life as he can be melancholy.

Is attracted to woman who is either equally reserved, or is willing to be assertive enough to take the emotional risks you can’t take yourself.

He is attracted to intelligent and stimulating women. He’s also interested in art, music, and theatre. He likes a conservative woman.

A Capricorn male is happiest with a woman that he feels shows him a lot of respect, looks up to him as a strong person, and is very supportive of his ambitions. He needs to feel strong, and needs to be working to achieve his goals, and the woman who shows she not only supports him here, but admires him for his responsibility and ambitions, will be likely to capture his interest.

In love and relationships he’s a bit old fashioned. He longs for a traditional lifestyle along with traditional gender roles in place. He’s the breadwinner, she’s the supporter. His perfect mate? According to Sextrology, it’s the lady-wife type. A woman who shares his traditional views but doesn’t question his need for “me time.”

How do we know if a Capricorn guy is attracted to a lady ?
Love will make him shines and you will see it in his face. He will not say it out loud; you have to know it yourself.

To look for him smiling more at you or blushing when he speaks to you face to face.

He might try to make silly and sometimes and ineffective jokes just to get a laugh or smile out of you.

Capricorn man on relationships/ commitment
He may appear to fear commitment, but what he really want is a very committed relationship with the right woman who will take commitment as seriously as you do – and you will wait as long as it takes until you are certain.

Prefer to get to know someone slowly before you make any kind of romantic move, which explains why many of their relationships start out as friendships.

They are cautious when it come to love. However, as they move deeper into the relationship their cool exterior melts to reveal warmth.

Once they fall in love, they stay totally committed. They go that extra mile to make their partner happy.

CAPRICORN what’s HOT and NOT about him…
Why He’s Hot: Mr Capricorn flirts in a very elegant way. If he’s serious you’ll know it: he’s decided you’re worthy of being taken home to meet his parents. While he has his flings, he’s really looking to create a foundation, so he wants a woman he can be a pillar of society with. He works very hard and is often the most successful guy in your group of friends. For all his cool exterior, he is a randy man but he won’t ambush you until you’re home – he hates public displays of affection. However he does tend to buy you rather good stuff for your birthday – he knows labels and knows value. If you’re with him, he’ll help you look good.

Why He’s Not: He can be one of the stingiest men around so that mysteriously you end up paying for the date – again. His workaholic tendencies, which you might admire when you’re dating, will prove upsetting and lonely once you’re married. You are expected to set an example so you’ll get a cold reception if you misbehave in public. Mr Capricorn can seem like a middle-aged (or even old aged) man in a young man’s body – he is fuddy-duddy on a good day and incredibly dismissive of people with alternative lifestyles and/or no money. He can also be a very suave user.

Who He Likes: You’re the career chick who has blasted up the ladder in record time. No, you don’t have to be Angelina Jolie (come to think of it, Brad Pitt has a LOT of planets in Capricorn even though he’s a Sagittarius) but you wear classic, well-cut clothes and always look lady-like.

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