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24 Jan

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi page 97/ Post #1930

On Yobi

1930-1unconventional but innovative charmer who can wow those around them

Just one of the things that come to mind when I think of Yobi’s effortless charm…


(Gosh, i love the vid clip of her singing “Run to you” and all the guys were just mesmerized by her voice)
• Full of surprises, cannot be happy or fulfilled unless free to do as they like
open-minded, willing to explore unlimited horizons
deviate from the crowd and go their own way
• have a ‘live and let live‘ policy where everyone is free to be themselves
• their eccentricity makes them unique
• can never be tied down, she is free as a bird.
• be above emotions; when they speak, they speak the truth
• never judges others because as human beings, we are all equal and entitled to our own opinions

I think these are true, at the gym episode I remember her saying to Hwanhee that she’s someone who can’t be forced to do things anyway. Her free-spiritedness often comes into view with her witticisms and offbeat remarks. Yobi speaks her mind and I love that in her; she’s comfortable in her own skin and like I’ve always said, so delightfully weird; I noticed that on her guestings at variety shows, people, most especially MCs, can’t help but get fascinated by her unique brand of humour.

This had me wondering then how WGM, being a partly scripted show, affects her sense of freedom because, although it is “reality” TV where lines and conversations are spontaneous, they seem to be confined to fit a certain kind of persona. Especially now with the said “new approach” (a desperate attempt of the PD to revive the show), where couples are made to develop based on a given concept, instead of letting things flow naturally and feelings develop accordingly. To me, that is very limiting, knowing that Yobi is someone who’s not tied down by rules and rigidity; But then again, I guess Yobi and Hwanhee entered the show fully aware of what is required of them.

I’m just hoping that if things do fall into place between Yobi and Hwanhee (I am hoping against hope that it does!), they both conquer the obstacles that could keep them apart. I believe that although Yobi has this restless nature in her, she knows how to compromise and please her man. On the other hand, Hwanhee could be someone who can’t let go, who wants a girl who follows his lead, but I think Hwanhee has the maturity and sensibility to compromise too, inorder to make his girl happy. This quality in him was once affirmed by Yobi when she said,

“He’ll do it all for me”
HY: If I ask for help with anything difficult in the future,
He might complain but he’ll do it all for me.
I came to trust him with that. (WGM Ep. 36)

Besides, Hwanhee on the X-files blackroom interview once said,

“when something really huge happens I will keep my girl with all my all
– WGM Episode 31/32 X-Files

So, it really is a matter of time, finding common ground and making compromises for them to make it work in real life if ever they decide to finally get together. I really hope they’d be able to transcend their own limitations because they are so good together and they’ve become better people through each other. One thing’s for sure, both seem to have the characteristics of that one person they’ve searched to discover all their lives


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