Insightful Musing

24 Jan

Posted by Saranghae
Soompi page 97/ Post #1924

Hello All HwanyobiLovers!

What can be said about Hwanyobi that hasn’t already been said?

At first sight, I admit, I thought them a bit of an awkward couple…

Hwanhee with his dark handsome looks and “man of very few words” personalty…

Yobi with her “flighty” persona added to her noted nervousness…

But, as fate would have it, with time and it’s journey with Hwanyobi in their “marriage”

They are complimenting each other quite well…as if crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s.

Yobi has brought, I believe more laughter and fun into Hwanhee’s life at this point then any other in his lifetime.

Hwanhee has taught Yobi I think, more than anything: understanding, loyalty and protectiveness in which I think are characteristics every wife
should embody toward their husband and not always the other way around.

(I admit, even though I watch him on WGM I still know close to nothing of him…sheesh, I barely discovered the other day that Fly 2 the Sky was the singers to one korean song that I’ve been listening to for over half a year now…sad but true.)

On Bad Boy Hwanhee’s characteristics…
(I’ve not done any extensive psychoanalysis lol (dont know how)…this purely what I see and feel when I observe him and his actions via WGM).

Most men grow up to be “Men of few words” because as children they were raised with the motto, “Big Boys Don’t Cry.”

Watching the episode where Hwanyobi went on the Ant tour, when CJ and IY had a “fight”, Hwanhee’s reaction had been subtle in action, but a fierceness was evident in his eyes.

(Has he or hasn’t he experienced a trauma similar to it in the past in comparison to the prank that was being pulled that day? possibly as a child?)

Does that make him who he is today? A blunt man who seems emotionless and yet inside, those emotions are being held at bay waiting for release?

The long lost forgotten little boy inside, who needs just as much love and affection as the man himself is recieving as a “Star” today…

The 4Deminsional Damsel in Distress…

A Lady is up to her head full of talent. Ideas come and go as fast as the speed of lightning that she really can’t express herself the way she truly wants to…and what do we get??


I call her the often “overlooked” and “misunderstood” Genius.

Never mind that she might have came on the show to possibly boost future promotions as is her husband.

WGM has her on the show for the reason that her “husband” would never be able to guess how she is going to be towards him in the next moment.


Seems to me like she came in with a plan…

“I just want to be good to him, and stand by him.”

By doing so and remaining constant with it, Hwayobi is on the verge of fully coaxing Hwanhee’s inner child out…

I know not what the future on WGM may hold for these two but at the end, if each couple had to leave with making the public realize something in the basis of a marriage…for Hwanyobi, it would definitely be the old saying,

“Behind every great man, stands a great woman.”
Does any of this make sense? lol…if not disregard.
But all in all, I’m truly enjoying and embracing this couple.


2 Responses to “Insightful Musing”

  1. Miera April 10, 2009 at 3:25 pm #

    Gee..true SQD sis….after reading this posting now…omo it is almost spooky that it does has a good prediction of what has happened.. Wonderful entry.

  2. sqd66 April 9, 2009 at 12:49 am #

    Wow..(.except for the part about Hwanhee at the ant tour
    experiencing a trauma in the past coaxing him into doing what he did during IY and CJ fight) I agree with you and You are right on the money with your comments. I don’t know about HH childhood and don’t think we should say anything that is non factual in regards to his family. It is so
    spooky reading this thread entry and seeing how true alot of it is now months later. Hwayobi is a genius literally and she definetly seemed to have planned her “marriage”. She
    had left such a great impression on Hwanhee and he said she made him understand about woman and marriage.
    She also said she learned what type of men she now is attracted to…wonder if Sleepy is also a quiet introvert
    don’t look like it. Well thanks for the comment I enjoyed
    the thought provoking entry.

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