Signtology Part III

27 Jan

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 99/ Post #1967

Read with an OPEN MIND and HEART
Digest…reflect and it’s up to the individual’s discretion

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Do you think our AQUARIUS LADY, YOBI has the key characteristics to attract our CAPRICORN MAN, HWANHEE ?
88% voted YES. SURE
12% voted YES. MAYBE
0% in denial wink.gif

What type of men attract an Aquarius lady ?
What signs do they show when they are attracted to a man ?

“An Aquarius lady is referred to as the “heavenly bohemians,”.
She has a haunting, magnetic appeal which captivates the opposite sex.”

“Aquarius lady is attracted to men that are outside the norm…
and the “rebel appeal” works wonders.”

Attracted to “bad boy image” that is strong AND sensitive,
a leader AND a listener, someone with insights AND searching questions.”

“When in love, she will shine…Aquarius girls act like little,
seven year old girls whenever they like a guy.
They giggle, they change themselves to look attractive.”

How to attract an Aquarius lady ?
The best thing you can do to get an Aquarius girl is to exude confidence. You have to be the alpha male of the situation. You have to have the confidence that the leader of the pack has. You need to be comfortable with yourself if you expect to have a chance. You are going to need this confidence to interact with an Aquarius woman as she wants a man that can be her friend and confidant.

An Aquarian female is like a butterfly, which sits on every flower, but belongs to none. She loves her freedom and if you can accept this, she will love you even more. Within her boundless limits, her love will also be limitless.

If you want her to fall in love with you, be true and honest, not only to others, but also to yourself. You don’t need to follow her rules. You can form your own code of ethics, but be sure to live by them. She expects you to be sincere, truthful and open.

She likes to be engaged in a communicative relationship. Ask her opinion about virtually anything, the weird, the unconventional. Her mind is full of the workings of the universe, that is why she comes up with all that weird stuff. She may talk about fairies one day and discard elves as humbug, the other. Never look down on her or she might never look up to you. She respects you and will expect the same in return. She will be loyal to you if you show that you respect it.

She has friends from every strata of society and likes them all the same and equally. She’ll like you if you like them, so be Mr. congeniality when you meet them. Don’t act phony or be arrogant, she can’t stand it.

What type of men are Aquarius lady attracted to ?

Men that Yobi loves…from her cyworld
Adrien Brenner/ Josh Harnett/ Channing Tatum

An ooohlalaa pic of Channing Tatum that Yobi posted in her cyworld…
WARNING: stay at least few feet away from your PC & make sure no one is behind you

Aquarius lady is attracted to men that are outside the norm and the “rebel appeal” works wonders.
What does this mean?
* man that has a devil-may-care attitude
* man that creates a cool look: a few days without shaving makes a powerful visual impression
* man that get her head spinning

Attracted to “bad boy image” that is strong AND sensitive, a leader AND a listener, someone with insights AND searching questions.

A man with ideas and insights fascinates them. The type of man who is intellectually interesting, logical, open-minded, and willing to experiment. She is attracted to men that are unconventional or unpredictable or just “unusual”. Idealists, individualists, and rebels intrigue her – even ones who would shock your parents or friends.

Aquarius lady can be aroused more by curiosity than by sexual signals alone, so an interesting man who is a little aloof (or even eccentric) intrigues and attracts you. Originality gets her attention, and unpredictability keeps her interested.

How do we know if an Aquarius lady is attracted to a guy ?
In love, she will shine. This woman won’t ask for demonstrative displays of affection. She won’t be fooled either by false declarations of love. There is something elusive about the Aquarius, and to keep her interested, her lover must be willing to offer her something exciting and new.

She will try to accommodate you and make you feel good about yourself.

Aquarius girls act like little, seven year old girls whenever they like a guy.They giggle, they change themselves to look attractive, they try to flirt half of the time and yet they play hard to catch by acting aloof the other half.
I see this aloof part of her character in the later episodes especially after the wedding episode…i guessed she is also confused on what’s real and what’s reel and somehow it seems she is also placing her guard as her dear hubby has made us confuse too..what’s more how confuse the person herself is.

Aquarius lady on relationship and commitment ?
Romance – like all areas of her life – can be unpredictable, spontaneous and her wonderful sense of drama will add a tinge of excitement to her courtship. Inconsistency and confusion describe the characteristics profile of an Aquarius female. The same goes for her love life too. Romance, for this woman is sacred, reposeful and recreational all at the same time! Her lover must accept her independent personality.

She is very loyal, but at the same time, she is also a little detached and not extremely emotional. She will be committed and remain faithful too, but do not try to bind her. Let her enjoy her freedom.

Not particularly in a rush to make a firm commitment, her man must have something exciting and individual to offer before she even thinks about marriage. Only after being convinced of your integrity did she take the next step. Still, if you become unfaithful to her, she will be extremely hurt and is likely to remember the wound for a long time. With an Aquarian female, out of sight means out of mind too. So, make sure to be around here always. She has a very strong will power. If she thinks the relationship is not working and has no chances of improving also, she will break it right away; though doing so may tear her heart into two pieces.

She is intense, but may prefer to be platonic most of the time. She will trust you completely and will not be unduly suspicious of your activities. You will also not be bothered by too much jealousy or possessiveness on her part. Her trust arises from the fact that before committing, she had dissected your behavior under a microscope. An Aquarian woman is very rarely of the jealous breed. Something unimaginably overt would have to happen before she would take action. Beware, though, if this happened to be the case, you may never see or hear from this gracious woman again. Locked out of her life, you may presume the worst, only to find that she may indeed become your friend once more. The operative word here is friend, a loving relationship can never be regained.
*Yobi did mentioned in the X- file that if she gets disappointed…somehow there will be no turning back as she always try her best and gives her all.

Sometimes romance with an Aquarius can be cool and a bit aloof, but they are very dedicated to relationships. She will never ever be dishonest in a relationship. She will always try to know your deepest thoughts and secrets, but her own dreams will be beyond your reach. Her dreams are very different from that of a normal female and she hums a different tune, which most of us have not even heard of.

You simply have to give her plenty of time to make up her mind that she is in love with you. Winning her is a trick. Keeping her confidence in you is also a trick. Once you win her though, she will love you for life unless you begin acting like a slob and running her down.

Aquarius….what’s Hot and what’s Not ?
What’s Hot ?
An Aquarius lady is referred to as the “heavenly bohemians,”. She has a haunting, magnetic appeal which captivates the opposite sex. Aquarius women hold many charms. As lovely as she may look, she is also very intelligent. Intellectual rapport means more to her than sexual compatibility.

Conversing with an Aquarian female is usually a delight because of her charming manners. Her mind is quite unpredictable and you will find it hard keeping track. She will live in the present, then suddenly be wistful about yesterday and then, become enthusiastic about tomorrow. Conversation with an Aquarius woman will be anything but dull. Enchanting and socially graceful, topics can range from the most demure to the most politically savvy. She can flit from subject to subject seamlessly. It will take a true scholar to keep up. Keep in mind, if you do, you will be remembered with a wistful sigh.

She enjoys the unusual. She has a sociable nature and is happy to be part of a crowd while at the same time remaining a degree detached. Few people get really close to her.

Aquarius women are unpredictable, independent, and spontaneous. These women see everyone as their friend and find it easy to mingle with people from all walks of life. . Above all, they love humanity and their amazing devotion to their friends will often come before self-preservation. Always curious and playful, they can be wonderful lovers and capable partners.

Aquarius is a fixed, airy sign. This means that these are girls are very rational by nature and exceedingly firm in their opinions. Although an Aquarian woman might disagree completely with what you believe, she will certainly be open-minded enough to support your personal right to to your beliefs.

What’s Not…
Aquarius is the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac. they seem to have their own rules and regulations as to their conduct and they completely reject others telling them what to do.

Aquarians are an enigma. On one hand they are warm, kind, and outgoing, the sort to make friends easily and willingly. On the other hand, they are quite aloof people, who do not actively seek out relationships, and resent any infringement on their time or resources. They are engaging, yet unreachable. They can be fascinating and dynamic, while lacking any real warmth or endearing qualities.

Among the faults, which are typically Aquarian, are extreme eccentricity, and an unwillingness to participate in any standard of protocol. When angered, they become seriously rude, alternating between deafening silence and sudden outbursts of temper.


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