Ant Tour…Hwanhee being protective

28 Jan

Posted by Won Won
Soompi page 99/ Post #1974

QUOTE (yobifany @ Jan 27 2009, 08:01 AM) *
in these ep hwanhee gave yobi a towel,i just felt a little moved at the sence before. but today i saw carefully about hwanhee’s eyes before he gave yobi the towel.when he put the towel for yobi i saw he was looking Marco,i felt there is a little angry in his eyes,he didn’t want Marco see yobi at that stuation so he put the towel for yobi.i donnot know how to express my feeling when i saw the expression in his eyes,but the expression tell me hwanhee is really really good man,he know how to respect women,especially in that stuation.

ooo..yobifany sis..another bionic sister!!!
after I read this, I immediately watch the ep and OMG!!!…so true..he was giving Marco this look like he was making sure Marco was not looking at Yobi…I’m so jealous..I wanna guy like him..hahhah

Reduced: 81% of original size [ 630 x 482 ] – Click to view full image

you can’t see it clearly from the cap…you just have to watch it.

sometimes I wonder if Yobi or Hwanhee or even better Brian ever wind up this thread…. tongue.gif

edit: I’m officially wayy too free right now..


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