Hwanhee’s Ideal Woman….

28 Jan

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 99/Post #1976

Hi,sis,how are you all?

I wanted you to know that all your comments left in my blog post I took it to MBC WGM board with translations.
I’ve stolen my aunt’s ID then created an MBC ID(sorry aunt,hehe  )
cos I don’t have korean citizen ID
I don’t expect too much from this PD but let’s wait if it works

Today I brought you Hwany’s resume written by him about 9-8years ago

Enjoy!!,see you and cheers!!


Date of birth/1982.1.17

Blood type and body/Type B and healthy


Religion,nickname/Atheist,the fans know better

Family/Dad,mom,brother and me.

Special ability/Sports and add lib in a song


Good point of your character/Easly making friend and people like me

Bad point of your character/When I get upset I feel gloomy at ones

Motto/Live short but full like a radish(?)
Motive of debut/Because I liked dancing and singing

Jinx/When my brain dosen’t work well I feel sorry all day long and things don’t go well

The way to get rid of stress/Pratice singing
Your charming point/Eyes
Your treasure/Brian,fans ,family,friends

Your ideal woman/Woman who loves me and can be constant
Say to the fans/ I love you very much!!!


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