Episode 43 Summary

1 Feb

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 106/ Post #2106

WGM Epi.42 just ended….i guessed if i give you lovelies 1 million buck to guess their air time….everyone is a winner here.

Part 1:
HH was playing basketball and had to wake Yobi up (knocking at the bedroom window). As they received a mission for the house guest. It seems like it is the morning after the pooh bear episode. Yobi looks adoringly cute in her PJ and hubby is all charming in black.

Part 2:

In their living room, HH was trying to call his friends -> Ok Bin< Hye Bin, Tim Hwang, Kim Joong Kok ..some that i know/ remember. I think most of them reply asking him “who are you?”. I think.

Part 3

*Yobi’s hand was already bandaged during this scene…so she was either injured out of WGM or the scene was cut.
Yobi was cooking in the kitchen…the hubby wandering around the kitchen too while waiting for the friend to come. The actor hyung came and his good friend the basketballer. The basketballer entered and e first thing he said to yobi was “you’re really pretty”.. . *Throughout this episode the basketballer couldn’t take his eyes off Yobi…watch him .

Part 4
Yobi “instructed” them that they would need to help with the chores in making rice cake and warming the burner. It looks rather fun amidst all their hardwork. Yobi then prepared a sumptuous meal…gosh her culinary skills is just awesome.

Part 5
The men were in the living room and here came dear wife with her fine dining. Amazing Yobi. During dinner, there was mild jealousy triggering moments as Yobi served the basketballer and he seems to keep praising her. HH as an alpha male…seems guarded about jealousy..well we never know till e sub is out . They had conversation over dinner. The basketballer seems to be praising Yobi a lot here.

Part 6
They ended the night singing noraebang (opps is this rite)/ karaoke…having fun dancing/ singing. The actor hyung is very funny as he created the climate of this episode.

I can’t believe i actually wrote 6 parts of this very short episode..with not much climax and “low interaction” between hwanyobi. But after missing them so much..I am just glad we can see them on screen and our couple is looking good. Yobi looks like a manga character…the shy sweet wife and charming hubby by her side.

When the sub is out by our dear lovely sistas..Lean sis and Rikki sis…then we will be smiling more i believe..since there were many humorous moments.

About the PD…if i’ve been pulling my hair since their initial episodes due to short air time…i wld have been bald by now.
But today i feel rather light-hearted about this…maybe just watching them today was rejuvenating .Shall we just enjoy their moments as much as they enjoy being together ?


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