Episode 43 Musing

2 Feb

Posted by LilshOrtnancy
Soompi page 108/ Post #2150

Finally! The episode we’ve been waiting WEEKS for!

Yobi looked so beautiful in the morning when Nampyeon went to wake her up. I agree w/ Madgepop. It gives me great pleasure to think that she’s the first person he sees in the morning and the last person at night biggrin.gif

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

I have a question, but you can TEXT people using your house phone in Korea? That’s amazing! The technology is so advanced in Asia.

It was so cute to see Yobi wearing an apron cooking in the kitchen for nampyeon’s friends. I’m sure Hwanhee felt grateful that she went through so much effort. This scene is very simple, but I LOVE it. They look like a REAL married couple in the kitchen.

Their first house guest. He took notice of Yobi’s injured hand. I wonder what happened? She must’ve injured it during the taping because she didn’t have the cast on when he woke her up in the morning.

Hwanhee’s acting sunbae was funny. I’m glad he made the atmosphere more funny and not awkward. I don’t understand what he was saying, but he seems funny when he picked “Plan A” which had less food to make, over “Plan B” which had a LOT more food to make. LOL. I wish he could’ve teased the married couple a little bit more, but it seems like he was teasing Hwanhee a lot? Gotta wait for subs for that.

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

As for the jealousy… I wish Hwanhee could’ve shown more emotions, but of course, after reading Miera’s astrology reading I guess I can understand his character a little bit better. He seems calm and composed on the outside, but he’s probably burning w/ jealousy on the inside (or so I hope…). His basketball player friend is really cute! He was sooo attentive to Yobi the moment he stepped into the house.

Poor Hwanhee, all of his friends chopped the firewood better than he did back in episode 36 (aah~ how time flew by)

Look at all the delicious food!!! Any guy would love a woman who can cook like Yobi does.

So cute how they’re promoting the couple pillows.

Ahhh~ And the moment we’re all waiting for next week. I SWEAR, the PD BETTER NOT EDIT this scene out.


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