Episode 43 Erotic goodies

3 Feb

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 110/ Post #2186

HWANHEE…he won me in this episode..at least you appear affected and it was not exaggerated jealousy that one may question whether he was pretending for the sake of TV. But it was in his subtle Capricorn way. “Except Yobi” huh Nampyeon…. And look at Yobi smile when Nampyeon said that.

HEEJUNG (the basketballer) Thank You for coming. Please come and steal more glances at Yobi. This guy is sweet genuinely is and has “good- heart” taste for woman.

ACTOR GONG…please come more and bring in more eroticness and HH “other women” hehe. The part when he “teasingly” trying to uncover HH past women…it was really like a REAL COUPLE moment.

Yeah Bambidanbi sis…Yobi’s child- like laughter is a laughter when one lives genuinely with happiness and good heart…and that’s her charm.

For the other erotic goody…If my erotic mind is working today it is the other goody got to do with the roll of tissue paper that the actor hyung gave to them as a gift . See clearly what he said when he gave them that gift. The shower bit is so funny and i lurve the actor hyung…please come and visit them more and bring them more erotic goodies hehe.

I was waiting for the sub to say this. There’s no need for them to hold hands or hugs endlessly or to whisper sweet nothings…but just by being there standing side by side, sitting side by side and talking side by side..they really give a REAL COUPLE vibes. Gee HwanYobi dun let this WGM destiny go to waste or maybe they have not been wasting it .

Shower moment..


A caring moment that was cut


Omooo…Fine Dining
*From first epi..Yobi likes to color co-ordinate her delicacies



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