Episode 43 Goodie

3 Feb

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 110/ Post #2197

there are so many information ..I really can’t digest well and unfortunately I have no good memory.

They are going to leave the show…it seems evident.
I already got tired of the WGM PD,I saw an article that she was calling the couples to account that the falling of the rating was because of them. that any couple who can’t help with rating may leave immediately the show from now on, speechless.

madgepop.sis,that artcle is just a simple review of the ep.Yang Hee Jong told that Yoby was his ideal woman type and Hwany was jealous of him.

And today Yobi appeared on a radio show I didn’t hear yet ,after do that I’ll post here what did she say.
It seemed that she talked about Hwany very well.

And ther’s an article which Yobi talked about her new album and mentioned again Hwany.
she said that Hwany was a dignified guy, at first they were quite shy to each other but now they became closer …
and attached,and she prefered the type of guy who just smiled at Yoby’s winsome way like Hwany than those type of guy who had nice manner to every woman.
And the song ” A half’,she wrote the lyrics,,the lyric is about a woman who loves a guy already taken
that she will be stisfied with ahalf of that guy.

later when i’m available I will translate the whole article,,sorry right now I can’t.
my brain is not working good.
maybe in Yoby’s Thread is already translated…

A goody : praise the actor Gong.
When they were singing all together ,
the song Yobi was singing was ‘We meant to be together’

2197-12197-2While Yobi was singing Gong picked up the cushion with Hwanyobi’s photo.
the actor Gong was pointing that photo and Hwany was laughing a lot.



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