Hwanyobi Couple Departure

5 Feb

Posted by lilshOrtnancy,
Soompi page 112/ Post #2240

I am so sad… I’m at a loss for words.

I started watching WGM when AnBi and AlShin was still on the show, but after a while, they lost my interest and I stopped watching. However, when my friend showed me a clip of the Ant Tour episode, I instantly fell in love w/ Hwanyobi. The part where Hwanhee and Yobi were walking on the beach, I thought to myself, “Wow, they really look like a real life couple!” And the part where Hwanhee covered Yobi w/ the towel really won me over. I love their interactions; Hwanhee’s constant teasing and bluntness, Yobi’s quirky and 4D character were really entertaining to watch. I thought they compliment each other very well. Hwanhee can be mean w/ his words, but if you stick with him long enough you’ll find that he has a soft heart. He needs a woman who can handle his tough character and will stick by his side no matter what- a constant woman. Yobi’s 4D-ness can be everywhere, so she needs a guy who will listen to her attentively and counterbalance her weirdness to keep her grounded- a “bad guy” w/ a soft heart who will give way to her once in a while to make her happy. What else can I say about this couple… I LOVE them so much. It’s definitely sad to see them go. I will continue to support them individually as artists, but in my heart, they will always be the “gaettongi” couple, ALWAYS.

I hope they will continue to cross paths in the future and hopefully some fans will capture that moment and share it with Hwanyobi fans.

I don’t know about everybody else, but I will continue to visit this thread, so hopefully DC sisters, Miera, etc will continue to share Hwanyobi goodies


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