Hwayobi couple WGM departure

5 Feb

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 113/ Post #2250

i was wrong that Yoby’s confession about last shooting ,it was on the radio show DongGo Dong Rak with Song Eun hee and Shin Bong Sun,

I just heard that part…Yoby exactly said this.

After all the news were came out that we are leaving the show,
I think I don’t have to hide the fact but as the last courtesy to the WGM I can’t give a spoiler,
but I would say that the last farewell ep shooting was much more serious than an ordinary farewell ep that the audience would imagine,was very serious atmosphere

This is all,I hope this has cleared your doubt ,
the last ep will be aired on 15th .Feb


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