Hwayobi’s transformation in WGM

5 Feb

Posted by lilshOrtnancy
Soompi page 113/ Post #2249

Lets continue to enjoy Hwanyobi on WGM~

Hwayobi’s Transformation on WGM
She has gotten more and more beautiful with each passing episode. I really wish I can meet her in real life because everyone who meets her say that she’s prettier in real life.

Episode 25

Honestly, when I first saw this episode, I thought she was older than Hwanhee because of her hairstyle.

I thought she looked really cute in this house-wife dress and it was so sweet of her to get a bread sample for Hwanhee even though he ditched her. She was a caring wife right from the beginning.

Episode 29-30

I really liked her dress and I can kind of see why Hwanhee asked her why she always dress so uncomfortably sweatingbullets.gif

Episode 31

Episode 33-34

This is going to sound weird, but I really like her face shape. I think it’s really cute and it fits her personality.

Look at the way she looks at Hwanhee… full of LOVE

Episode 35-36

Too cute!

Yes, I really like her face shape. LOL.

Sexy Yobi!

She looks like a little school girl here.

So shy after Nampyeon said that he likes her… don’t know what to do but stuff her face…ahahaha…

Episode 37-38


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