Episode 44…Final but not Goodbye…

8 Feb

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 117/ Post #2327

Wahhhh…at last they get about 30mins air time at least. I feel like the screen was moving very fast….while watching them.

This is not the end…

Part 1
They were at the hanok and Yobi prepared a delicious meal for Hwanhee. They were talking abt the mission. Solemn moments seem to be present there. Yobi last wish with HH is to be “very close” in public.

Part 2
They were at a shopping centre. Yobi shared with HH what she wants HH to do….Holding her from behind when they were at the escalator, to link arms and to piggy back her. As usual, HH will always look/ sound unwilling. Yet his eyes and expression can’t lie. And they did all her requests…..and nampyeon your eyes say you secretly enjoying it hehe.

Yobi went to the toilet and HH waited outside with her purse. Rather sweetly funny moment. Yobi took a very long time at the toilet. HH was embarassed and kept walking to and fro and decided to leave her and waited at a fast food.

Part 3

Yobi arranged a secret meeting with her buddies and this part of course we need subbing. It seems they recalled past events in their WGM wife.

Part 3
ohhhhHHHH…the moment. Both of them seated at the park. HH did get teary and his face is priceless here…while HH was sharing/ expressing his feelings….Yobi cried. This part is wwohhh  …again we will understand with sub. But HH definitely is sweet and touchy here…hug her, tidy her hair, and offer his jacket sleeve to wipe her tears. HH said something really sweet…(rough translation)…he willl be very sorry when he eat alone and when he is at home alone. Then yoby said “Do you want me to bring you some food?”. HH said…We’ll eat together.”

Part 4

They had a black room interview…and for the first time of all WGM couple..they appeared together at the end of their interview and as usual at the end of it they squabbled..that’s HwanYobi that we love .

It has not hit me yet…i am rather pleasantly happy with their ending….open- ended as I wld imagine them to be walking back together and they actually squabbled at the last scene before they left…I actually hope for that and it happened. That was dejavu for me.

Maybe with the subbing…more emotions pour in. This is just their beginning


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