Episode 44 Sweet Moments

9 Feb

Posted by lilshOrtnancy
Soompi page 119/ Post #2365

More Sweet Moments posting by author at page 119/ Post #2377

Episode 44 Hwanyobi’s Sweet Moments

Yobi’s heartfelt meal for Hwanhee.

I have no idea what Hwanhee said, but Yobi laughed sooo hard at his comment. I think this is what Hwanhee meant when he said that he’ll miss her when he eats alone. Her presence in his heart is undeniable. Just look at his smile.

Yobi trying to get closer to her nampyeon.

I just backtracked on the chatango w/ the girls last night and I found Lean’s explanation for this scene and thought it was hilarious! So I must share!

Yobi was listing all the things that she did for him and one of them was that, she always went to sleep whenever he told her to.

Hwanhee’s expression was priceless! Hwanhee was so shocked! LOL. He asked her when did he tell her to sleep? (ahahaha… do you have a dirty mind?)

Yobi tries to explain herself, but it’s too late! LOL.

Hwanhee is still blushing about it!

Yobi is definitely wearing the couple necklace.

I don’t think Hwanhee is wearing the couple necklace. It looks like a horseshoe more than a ring. Hopefully someone can clarify if they have better screencaps. I’m sure Hwanhee is keeping his necklace somewhere safe (in his heart  )

They framed this! LOL.

Ahahaha… Does anyone else find it amusing that Hwanhee knows when to put his arms up because he knows that Yobi will hit him. LOL. And the little girl’s expression at watching them bicker is hilarious~

Hwanhee’s death choke!!! LOL. And you can see in the second picture that he’s nudging his chin on her head.

Yobi’s first mission is accomplished!

This is one of the parts that I keep rewinding to watch because it’s too cute and they definitely seem like a real couple bickering.

I have no idea what Hwanhee said, but she went, “Omo!” and let go of his arm. LOL.

Yobi trying to stay mad at her nampyeon.

But it doesn’t work and her iciness melts away.

She goes back to her position as his wife in his arms.

When did we see this bright smile before?

So sweet… they played the same music from Ep.36 when Yobi gave Hwanhee the caramel.
Yobi was so happy, she didn’t want to get off. I found it sweet when Hwanhee asked what she said after she said that she didn’t want to get off, like he was confirming that she wanted to stay on his back foreve


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