Hwanyobi Re-cap Moments

9 Feb

Posted by Chello
Soompi page 119/ Post #2384

Been a while since I posted here, but there’s so much going on and so much to digest and think through and then put to paper (or, to laptop screen rather). I have to say just a few things – thanks to those who provided those Ep 44 Raw links so quickly, you are so loved! And also to our fabulous subbing team Lean Unni and Rikki Sis, hwaiting! You beautifuls are doing a phenomenal job!

On Yobi’s new MV – OMO. that lady is too sexy for words. seriously. great MV. Hwanhee oppa, that’s something to think about. right. there. Heehee.

On Ep 44 – I will write more on this but I have to say I think of all the farewells so far, I like HwanYobi’s the best (and I don’t even know what they are saying yet). It was so truthful, endearing and sincere. All in all it was a great episode and I love how it’s left open-ended – with some of the other farewells the couples’ tears were so painful to watch – it was as if it were the kind of separation where the couple would never be able to see each other again – i.e. no hope for a future together. HwanYobi on the other hand, show us that they at least have a great friendship to go by and I think I’m right in saying that Hwanhee has a GREAT time around Yobi. I don’t think he gets as much amusement (and TLC!) from anyone else. For someone who’s reserved and hates PDAs and just generally is blunt and unemotional, he sure does show his loving side around Yobi. The thing is with him, I actually think he’s honest – because we all know how often he says he doesn’t want to pretend to be nice just because he’s on WGM. So, I would venture a guess that his life thus far has been impacted by Yobi and I think the quiet surroundings of his apartment will be glaring at back at him in some silence post-Yobi. Awww, it’s okay Hwanhee oppa – she said she’ll still cook for you, didn’t she? ]xp

Great episode, however, I won’t go so far as to say “great job PD” because I think this is the least we deserve for all the shoddy editing HwanYobi’ve been through and their treatment by WGM production in general. I think with this episode the PD just saved herself from being mauled by HwanYobi fans. Haha.

In the meantime, it’s 5 sleeps away to HwanYobi’s Valentine’s Concert – so we are very lucky, because we get to see them collaborate outside of WGM – and I think of all the couples they are the ones who’ve had this much involvement in each other’s lives outside of WGM – although Crown J and In Young did have that kind of collaboration outside WGM which is great.


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