Hwanyobi Survey R-cap

9 Feb

Posted by Bambidandi
Soompi page 119/Post #2368

1) When did you first fall in love with the Hwanyobi couple?[]- Hmm initially i was rooting for this other couple during the CHuseok special, but I eventually gave in to Hwanyobi once Hwanyobi said “Relying on a good man in life is like rice and kimchi, and bad boys are like meat side dish” LOL!

I officially fell in love with them after the Ant tour epis, I know its a bit late! But i began to actually “feel” it from this couple!

2) What’s your unltimate favourite scene of Hwanyobi?Oh gosh Im digging my own grave when I asked myself this question lol. Theres so many! But if I have to choose, I would have to choose this little scene in ant tour where Hwanhee accidentally and unintentionally insulted Hwayobi, and Yobi got “pissed” and Hwanhe grabbed her hand and said “Araso Araso” and then yobi went off laughing hahahaha!

Also technically all the scenes in the last epi. Its so romanitic that my brain exploded from watching it. Lamaze breathing techniquies and oxygen mask work no more! Like Hwanyobifan said, I held my breath for half of the time lol. I realy like that part where hwanhee is burshing Yobi’s hair off and holding her hands (both of her hands!) at last! That part totally got me , my brain shatters because of that lol.

3) What’s your favourite episode of Hwanyobi?
I would say the last episode and the first episode, I can’t exactly pick. the first episode shows their goofiness and the last episode shows their true heart! The first episodes had lots of “LMAO” moments bcuz of Yobi, but the last epi have alot of “AWWWW OMO!!!” moments from Hwanhee!

4) What’s your favourite quote from Hwanhee?
“I like you, of course!” <– I’m sure that’s everyone’s favourite quote HAhahaha!
Also mmmm, basically everything he said during the last epi. I know i dont understand half of it, but his expression , his voice totally made every single quote “golden”.

5) What’s your favourite quote from Hwayobi?
“I’m attracted to bad guys!'<– something like that lol! Yobi is wayy too cute man! I laugh so hard everytime when I watch that episode. Because of Yobi’s quote and of course Hwanhee’s reaction to those, this couple have such a hihg rewatchability!

Theres so many quotes I like from Yobi! I also like “It’s just out of my habit!”(about her kissing with her head tilt) LOL!!!

6) What’s your least favourite episode of Hwanyobi?
I would say teh couple song epi, cuz it was really short


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