Hwanyobi Survey Re-cap

9 Feb

Posted by lilshOtrnancy
Soompi page 119/ Post #2364

1) What’s your unltimate favourite scene of Hwanyobi?
Oh gosh… what a difficult question! Well… before their final episode, but favorite scene was in episode 32 when they had dinner together and Yobi said that she would eat the black beans if Hwanhee fed it to her, then he said, “Don’t eat it” and then they burst out laughing. Ahahhaa… somehow that scene made me think, “They are sooo meant to be!” Because in my mind I was thinking that if Hwanhee had said that to some other girl, they might’ve gotten mad at him for being so mean, but Yobi was able to laugh at his gesture, knowing that that’s just how he is and that he’s not really mean.

However, after the final episode, my favorite scene… oh gosh! Too many good moments! *sigh* I think it would have to be when they’re eating together at the beginning. Hwanhee said something and Yobi kept on laughing and you can see Hwanhee’s face going from solemn to happy and it just totally amplified what he said at the end how he’ll miss her whenever he’s eating alone and that Yobi has made him a happier person  . I guess this touched me the most because I can see the difference in him when he’s with Yobi and how he was back then. Yobi has definitely brought a lot of joy and laughter to his life in these past months.

2) What’s your favourite episode of Hwanyobi?
Their final episode… all the good things in one episode. Eating together, laughing together, doing couple things, Hwanhee finally tells Yobi how he feels, Yobi’s emotions surfaces, their bickering, etc… EVERYTHING that made me love Hwanyobi was in this last episode.

3) What’s your favourite quote from Hwanhee?
“I Love Hwayobi” ahahaha… J/K, that’s what he said in my fantasy world. Anyways, it would have to be during their talk segment after their duet and Hwanhee introduced her as “she’s my gaettongie”. She can’t be his make-believe wife forever, but she can be his “gaettongie” forever. I don’t think there will ever be another gaettongie for Hwanhee.

4) What’s your favourite quote from Hwayobi?
Everything that comes out of her mouth makes me laugh. But my fave would be “Scoring at the beginning is sh*tty scoring”. Ahahaha… Yobi definitely knew what she was doing at the beginning and in the end, she scored big time, she scored Hwanhee’s heart!

5) What’s your least favourite episode of Hwanyobi?
Probably episode 35 because it was a short episode and they didn’t really do much besides move in and Yobi trying to get Hwanhee to do the laundry.


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