Episode 44 Re- cap…

10 Feb

Posted by Hwanyobifan
Soompi page 120/Post #2398

It has been long while since I posted in the thread. I do login from time to time to read everyone’s thoughts to get strength so I can return to my usual analysis mode. However, it was a trying two weeks for me as I was finding ways to cure my heart. I am thankful for all the sisters who ranted, gave hugs, laughed with me through this journey.

Watching the final episode on live TV then later on in YouTube on repeat for countless times in the past 24hrs–I will admit I am still crying. This morning my eyes were puffy like cotton balls. Haha. Initially I thought my tears were only because they are leaving the show and I have nothing more to see. We all need a bit of cleansing right? Alright, in my case, I needed a LOT of cleansing!

At the start of the episode, after Hwanhee read the final mission, his face showed a different kind of sadness. A sad expression that I have never seen him wear even on his saddest videos. The camera angle couldn’t show us Yobi’s eyes as she was reading hers. I’m sure she was puzzled, surprised at first. If she ever felt sadness, she was able to get her emotions settled as she buried herself in cooking. Because of her rational approach to things, in this event she was able to set aside her emotions about the impending end. She had to look unfazed for her hubby and be strong. Hwanhee’s demeanor was sad at the start of dinner. But Yobi lifted the gloom and made dinner light-hearted and fun, even in planning the mission. Therefore, Hwanhee was able to laugh and be cheerful again. Yobi is a positive influence, indeed. Plus her actions here are typical of a wife, who doesn’t want her husband to worry so much.

Both left us with happy memories of the last episode through the mission they did in the mall. It was clear that even if Hwanhee kept on protesting, being shy/embarassed of a public date, still, he was happy to do the backhug–luv his open smile when it was Yobi’s turn to backhug him; the piggy-back ride– Hwanhee and Yobi looked so happy together as they laughed and teased each other about their experience. I did a caught flicker of sadness, too, in his eyes. It was so quick but it is there. And then suddenly they were quiet for a short moment–it’s like something special passed between them in that silence. I am not sure how they do that but it was not the first time that I’ve seen this from them. There were scenes in previous episodes that I observed them, without trying so hard, they can transport themselves into a place that only the two of them knew about. Also, before he brought Yobi back on her feet, he told her something in a tender voice. It was so sweet.

For sure, a public mall date is a first experience for both of them and can never be repeated. This should leave us great thoughts & warm comfort that Yobi will be the only girl our Hwanhee had to wait for near the ladies-room, back-hugged while on an escalator and gave a piggy-back ride to in a public mall, for as long as he is a celebrity.  Yeah!

During dinner with Yobi’s friends, the camera focused on Hwanhee’s his face, as if he’s in deep thought. He is not as alert as he normally is. Not joking around or teasing. He was serious as he was talking to Lyn. The reality of their parting must be sinking so fast now to him.

So now comes the part where I am still crying— Hwanhee and Yobi in the park. I love this part because this is where they opened themselves up and allowed all of us a last chance to see and hear their final thoughts about each other. Emotions were raw. Although Hwanhee tried to hold back tears–he is being true to his personality of a strong man –his sincerity showed through. His open smile is something I have not seen him beamed on anyone else. I felt that smile was special only for Yobi. She most definitely is in a great place in his heart from now on.  Now, how big a space… is something we have to continue to follow in the next few days, weeks, months…

Yobi, as we all know, will always be truthful to us. Her tears–which she rarely show–came flowing out. And as she bawled in front of us she revealed her real and vulnerable side. Some people may look at this as crying too cutely, or whatever. It is crystal clear in this scene that for her 4Dness, she knows the real world, too and is sensitive to it. For Hwanhee to tell her that she’s much appreciated, that he’d feel lonely eating meals all by himself from that point on and she will be terribly missed, her dam of tears broke. Because whatever she did is not for the show. She is who she is in the show. She worked to earn Hwanhee’s trust, took care of him as how she would care for her real husband. This time Hwanhee is more accepting of Yobi’s gifts, not as an R&B Diva, but as the real Yobi. Hwanhee was so tender as he was comforting Yobi and reminded her to wear the gloves he gave her so she’d be warm. I read his statement to imply that Yobi should take care of herself too, the way she cared about serving good food for him. Who wouldn’t cry in this scene?

Their ending, as still a couple, was satisfying for me. Walking together with their arms wrapped around each others’ shoulder was a great ending. I am glad the PD didn’t ruin the moment for us (or that PD will receive non-stop letters from me until there’s no more WGM-lol). It was a fitting ending. With a bright hope for the future. Also according to sis Miera, the backroom interview with two of them present is just unique to our HwanYobi.

Definitely we have more things we need to look forward to from our couple–Yobi’s birthday on 11th (please visit her english website and leave a birthday message for her). The Valentines Day Concert–with our DCINSIDE sisters attending we are assured there will be plenty of goodies, pic, and personal analysis that we can all disect afterwards. Yobi and FTTS Albums–promotions, appearances on different shows which hopefully we can watch on YT… or we can all have our HH meeting (to get rehabilitated, or perhaps not *winks* from this wonderful addiction). I get the feeling this page will still flow with posts, goodies and news in many more months.

I am happy to note that most of us suddenly gained bionic eyes. LOL Isn’t this fun? These two brought out our super powers. Some of us became our personal James Bond. Truthfully, I am still trying to see if the ring that Yobi wore on her right finger when she performed on MC is her half of the couple ring. I tried enlarging the pic but it comes out blurry and even with my bionic eyes, it’s impossible to make out if it matches the couple ring. If you’re a techie expert, we need your help here!

I’m not sure if someone noticed this. But this scene jumped out from me a few minutes ago as I was on the lookout for the couple ring and my imagination was tickled to think that our Hwanhee either ‘touched’, ‘caressed’ or did something to Yobi’s legs. But the @#$%^ PD cut the part. Ugh! It was a quiet, playful moment—and it was so quick. But definitely Hwanhee & Hwayobi is so natural and intimate here. Their level of comfort with each other has grown leaps & bounds if they were able to do this simple, playful touches without a script.

2398-12398-2Yobi tapped Hwanhee’s arm

2398-3Hwanhee retaliated but Yobi blocked his hand

2398-4in the final pic can you imagine what his left hand was touching?
so sad the scene was cut short


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