Hwanyobi Survey Re-cap

10 Feb

Posted by Jowpk
Soompi page 120/ Post#2387

Just like love_fu …I’m also trying to digest the fact that I will no longer see my fav couple on WGM anymore  …cried buckets while I was watching the final episode not because of what was spoken bcoz I don’t really understand Korean Language…I’m waiting for the subbed episodes…but truly, the UNSPOKEN LOVE LANGUAGE/ BODY LANGUAGE between our beloved couple was undeniably, much much LOUDER than a thousand words & moved me to tears….

THE UNSPOKEN LOVE LANGUAGE…From Hwan Hee’s loving gaze…to Yobi’s charming laughter…exchange of HUGZ not done merely as an obligation to fulfill Yobi’s final wish, but honest display of affection from the heart of a truly blessed husband to his ever loving & constant wife…those moments when they tease one another…the way Hwan Hee console Yobi @ the bench…those featherly light touches when he brushed her hair, offered his arms to her, the way he held her hand..etc etc etc…

…Throughout this final episode, my heart was experiencing tremendous emotional roller coaster ride…I thought it might explode…there’s just so much LOVE in this final instalment that my heart was just leaping with JOY for the both of them…Perhaps, this is truly the BEGINNING of their REAL journey in life…

For me…this coming Sat, the VALENTINE CONCERT is like “EP 45 – (encore/reprise/special episode)”…Eventhough WGM did not give them a Valentine Mission (truly the PD’s greatest LOSS!), it’s our beloved couple’s MISSION IN REAL LIFE! GAETONGGIE/HWANYOBI COUPLE MISSION:- To hold the most ROMANTIC V-DAY CONCERT for all the loving couples on 14/02/09… Truly, they are each other’s Valentine in 2009  ..once again, they would be sharing the stage together not only as “professional singers” but also as “nampyeon & his gaettongie/Imja”..I’m sure all the wonderful memories that they’ve shared in WGM would flood the concert…from the moment they met @ Chulseok Special, the Ant Tour, the HoneyMoon, the 100th Day photoshoot, the memories @ the hanok, the surprise appearance @ each other’s concert in 2008..OOoooooo!!!! I really miss them…can’t wait for the updates! Thanks to all the lucky & lovely sisters who would be attending the concert & sharing their experience with us!

Oh ya…I’m also very happy & comforted that HwanYobi would be spending 14/02/09 with each other & not anyone else..Together, I’m sure this week’s MISSION would be ACCOMPLISHED! Gaetonggie Couple..HWAITING!!!!! Hmm…if I’m not mistaken, our HWANYOBI couple is the only couple who managed to accomplish all the missions given to them by WGM rite? [correct me if I’m wrong…]

Response to bambidandi‘s survey:-

1) When did you first fall in love with the Hwanyobi couple?

– The very #1 episode when they met (Chulseok Special). I was simple touched by Yobi’s effort in carrying the HUGE Bear as a gift to her nampyeon. I mean, she’s a truly famous celebrity & she was so humble & down to earth! Also, the way she acted like a typical married “ajooma” at the supermarket was hilarious!

I really must confessed that during the first few episodes, I didn’t really like the way Hwan Hee was treating Yobi..The classic treatment was when he emptied her bag as if he was emptying the trash can. My thought at that time was, “GOSH! This man is worse than Don-Don! Poor Yobi…” But the “Endless Love” duet completely WON me over & sealed me as their FAN! Awesome R&B Couple! So much “real couple” chemistry even from DAY-1!!!

That made me wanted to see them more & more…I secretly wished that in the future episodes, Hwan Hee would somehow fall “head-over-heels” for Yobi…hahahhaha…my wish came true in Ep 44? ** PERFECT FAIRYTALE ENDING!!

My perception of Hwan Hee changed during the Ant Tour (Ep #29). He was so thoughtful to be mindful of the way he’ll treat Yobi as he wants the rest to respect her..the way he put the towel around her @ the swimming pool & especially, when they were sitting on the steps & Yobi requested Hwan Hee to sing “My Person” to her…ahh….so romantic…

It’s also funny that Hwan Hee mention he will not sing again for her but he sang “Sarang-hae” for her during their honeymoon…Oh ya! And Yobi mentioned that she will drag Hwan Hee to a “karaoke” for singing but they did that in Ep 43 @ their Hanok, together with the house guests & she didn’t even have to drag him to do it!  …she really charming & eventually, things really does work well for her!

2) What’s your unltimate favourite scene of Hwanyobi?

GOSH! This was SUPER TOUGH to answer…I think like most HwanYobi Fanz out there…we cherished EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of their air-time rite? hahahah…but if I must really choose, for me, it was the The POOH BEAR SURPRISE (Ep 40) that Hwan Hee prepared for Yobi…the effort for checking out her mini-hompy..when Yobi came out to thank him, he was super SHY!!…For me, it was a genuine surprise that Hwan Hee wanted to give Yobi..it was such a loving gesture…it was different from the surprise @ the concert, which was part of fulfilling the WGM mission…But I must really say, Hwan Hee is truly such a ROMANTIC guy..he doesn’t just anyhow do something for the sake of doing it…he gives thought to the Surprise Event & make it memorable for Yobi!

3) What’s your favourite episode of Hwanyobi?

My fav episode would be Ep 37 – 100th Day Wedding Photoshoot. For me, I felt that the episodes prior to the Wedding Photoshoot was like a time where Hwan Hee took his time to get to know Yobi (@Ant Tour, shopping for furniture, exercise gym, honeymoon, days @ Hanok)…somehow, after the Photoshoot, I felt that Hwan Hee changed so much…to the BETTER of COURSE! I guess when they draw the curtain & the moment Hwan Hee saw Yobi in the wedding dress…he was LOVE STRUCK!!! He truly saw Yobi as the woman that she was & is still…”his constant wife!”…For me, 100th Day Wedding truly marked their “marriage on WGM” & they lived in their Hanok, happily ever after! **

4) What’s your favourite quote from Hwanhee?

“Gaetongg-ah!”- Hwanhee’s simply genius in creating this “unique” nickname for Yobi that truly marks his signature on her & “Gaetonggiee” would be quoted by millions! In Ep 41-The Concert when he told the fanz & introduced her as “She’s My Gaetonggie“..to me, that’s as good as saying “I Love You & You’re Mine!”.. **

5) What’s your favourite quote from Hwayobi?

-In their first episode, the Chulseok Special, during the interview Yobi said that when she’s in a relationship, she will give her heart to the guy & the last phrase was “I’m going to have a love that moves forward“! Her love really indeed moved forward & look where we are right now…we are all basking in the Joy of the Over-flowing LOVE of the Gaetonggiee Couple!

She inspired me too! COOKING! She made the age old phrase :- “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach/tummyREALLY TRUE! She’s been cooking & feeding him since DAY-1..and to top it off, in their FINAL EPISODE, she cooked a FEAST of LOVE for him! Hwan Hee’s truly BLESSED! He said that he’ll feel lonely when eating alone…ooowww…i think, whenever he sees “food”, he’ll remember Yobi’s wonderful cooking…
Ah…must really brush up my cooking skills..

6) What’s your least favourite episode of Hwanyobi?

Hmm…really can’t think of any coz everything is PRECIOUS MOMENTZ to me..but if I really must decide…hmmmzzz..I think Ep 31 – The Episode/Day After Ant TOur. For the first part of the episode, i thought that Hwan Hee was really rather rude & being such a “meanie” to Yobi coz he wanted to make her to go & buy medicine, complaint when he came back & saw the changes to his apartment..Yobi wanted to surprise him with all the romantic “couple pillows & photos” but he was not happy when he saw the broken bike, when he asked her to remove her make up stuffs from the table, when he made her drive the car & the way he treated her at the Sofa showroom…she was trying to get close to him but he stood up when she sat down beside him…that’s so rude!

…but he’s a rather strange man coz in the end, he bought the sofa that Yobi liked & I enjoyed the last 2 mins of the show when he brought her to the GYM and she was full of laughter & the whole atmosphere really changed! Quoting from Hwan Hee…”Yobi is really different from other girls..she really does have a BIG BIG HEART!!!”….

That’s all from me folks! Really long post…so sorry..thanks for reading…writing all these memories is truly “healing therapy” for my broken heart..I’m so happy to have found this thread & all you lovely sisters…..


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