Hwanyobi Survey Re-cap

10 Feb

Posted by Ga_Yeon
Soompi page 120/ Post#2389

I am that everyone is very saddened by Hwanyobi’s departure but they are promoting their albums so it is not like they are going to be MIA.
Lean unni sure took my spot better than I did.

1) When did you first fall in love with the Hwanyobi couple?
From the very first time I saw them in the Chuseok Episode.
I didn’t think that Hwanhee and Yobi would watch but I was completely wrong and judgemental.

2) What’s your unltimate favourite scene of Hwanyobi?
When Yobi gave Hwanhee the couple necklace and she asks if he doesn’t like it.
Then Hwanhee responds, “It is time for us to do couple things now.”

3) What’s your favourite episode of Hwanyobi?
I can’t decide between the wedding photoshoot episode and the one year memory photoshoot.

4) What’s your favourite quote from Hwanhee?
“I felt your hands during the wedding photoshoot and that is why I got you these gloves, earmuffs etc.”

5) What’s your favourite quote from Hwayobi?
“I like tough guys and I am slowly falling for him.”

6) What’s your least favourite episode of Hwanyobi?
The episode when they ordered Korean style Chinese food and they made a couple song.
That was quite boring and nothing interesting.

Since the subs are not out yet (I could be wrong)
I decide to give some spoilers of the last episode.

-On the mission card for Hwayobi it said that it was going to be their last episode together and she has to write her own mission and she did which was back hug on the escalator, listen to everything that she said and a meal with her friends. (I think that Hwanhee went to high school with Lyn and Gummy but not 100% sure)
-Yobi acted like Hwanhee and her were very close by going arm in arm together when they saw their friends and also when he pulled out the chair for her she said, “Even though I don’t want him to he does it.”
-Lyn asked Hwanhee when they had the meal together: “When does Hwayobi look the prettiest?” Hwanhee replied: She looks the prettiest when she sets up a table of food and she is waiting for me. I think: Is their any lady who does that nowadays I live alone and I don’t cook.”
-Yobi found out that coming to her concert was not Hwanhee’s effort but it was a WGM mission
-At the end when they hugged it was Hwanhee that asked for the hug.
-Hwanhee told Yobi to stop crying and he said, “It is not like we are never going to see each other again.”
-When Hwanyobi was sitting and talking at the end he said: “It will be lonely when I eat from now on. It will be lonely when I am alone and I will think of our time together a lot.” *ducks head down*
-So sweet when he offered his sleeve to wipe off her tears!
-Yobi kind of jokingly asked if she should bring Hwanhee side dishes and kimchi to eat with his meal.
-At the very end when they are walking in the dark Hwanhee says, “What should I do, I am a man and I can’t cry or it would be embrassing.”
-One of the very last things that Hwayobi says in the interview is, “Our album promotion times are similar we must be a match made in heaven.

This is all I can remember for now..
There were many other sweet moments but those have to be watched with the eye.
Fly to the Sky’s and Yobi’s songs were played in the episode!


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