Hwayobi Radio Goody

10 Feb

Posted by Miera/ credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 120/ Post #2396

With Hwany his subtle actions is what we need to observe. His voice shaken few times while “confessing”…especially at 4:56min here >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IlvTBHwwZ-E. If that’s acting…wow a grammy for him.

Since…i believe most of us are waiting patiently for the sub epi…Lean Sis and Rikki sis are definitely working diligently on it. There are some radio snippets goodies when Yobi appeared for the radio show. Was updated by Lean sis. Sis if i’ve misinterpreted some parts please do add yeah.

During her first radio show at MR Radio…Yobi was asked the questions below.
*Both Deejays at the radio show are Hwany’s good friends. The young one is his co- star from Over the Rainbow ?
* I forgot which DJ asked which question…sorry sistas I will just refer both of them as DJ yeah.
Goody 1
The DJs were teasing her whether did she really cooked/ prepared the food. Yobi (sounded angry *jokingly) that they doubted her. Then one of the DJ kind of said sorry “you sounded angry/ *jokingly.

DJ: Does Hwany like your cooking ?
Yobi: I don’t know but he ate a lot.
Yobi: (was about to talk about Hwany and was cut by another DJ)
DJ: But Hwany is a great man.
Yobi: So What ? * Jokingly
DJ: Hwany is a great man you can’t find someone like him.
DJ: So are you going to continue with him ? (after WGM)
Yobi: That does not depend on me (it is not within her will alone) *with laughter >> What’s your thoughts on this sistas ?
*she did mentioned some more here…Lean sis can enlighten us on it ).

In this radio show Yobi did mentioned that there were no script. As in what they have said….”came” from them. What I can assumed is that what scripted is probably some of the missions scenario. But whatever conversations that have happened it comes from their heart/ them “themselves”

Goodie 2
In the same radio show..i think. Yobi mentioned that she gets confused between what’s reel and real. When she reached home after almost 24 hrs recording together. She feels sorry (sad/ lonely) as for that recording period somehow she feels protected. (*Lean sis correct me here..if I’ve misinterpreted..my memory seems fatal


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