Episode 44 Re- cap Moment

11 Feb

Posted by Yobi_fany_fangirl
Soompi page 22/ Post #2434

Thank you so much Lean sis and Rikki sis for the subs!! Though the saddest episode, this has been the best one yet!

I really started crying when Hwayobi’s friend (I couldn’t tell if it was Gummy or Lyn) said: “Even when you met a person different from your ideal type, more and more they became as one and fall in love.”
And the whole time the camera was focusing on Hwanhee’s face. He was thinking deeply, and his eyes were red. tears.gif You could tell he was really appreciating Yobi.

And then when they went to the Park–sigh–I starting crying so hard I had to pause it several times, because my eyesight was blurred by my tears!!! They were dripping all over myself! (gross I know, but I couldn’t help it)

It was just so touching to watch both of them in this episode. First Hwayobi, because she finally got to be as warm and affectionate as she wanted to be. He never let her hold hands or be touchy-feely before. Hwayobi seemed so happy strolling arm and arm with him. And she looked the most beautiful ever in this episode! She was beaming (and even more cute and playful than ever). How could Hwany’s heart not be melted?

But it was even more touching to watch Hwanhee open up in this episode, because he is usually so unemotional. I remember when I watched the first episode where they met, where Hwany was being so stand-offish. And I thought to myself: he is not acting that way because he doesn’t like her; he is acting that way because he doesn’t know how to express himself. He turns it into a joke because he is uncomfortable. You know what I mean? There are so many people who are just introverted; they don’t show themselves to others–it all goes on inside, and they are very difficult to penetrate.

But in this episode, Hwany began to show his feelings on his face. And when he took a deep breath before he told Yobi how much he appreciated her (when they were on the bench) you could tell he was nervous (so sweet!) about expressing himself.

When he apologized for treating her badly, it melted my heart (and more tears flowed.) He really is sweet. He said Yobi taought him that women are different from men. I think he didn’t understand the consideration that you have to give to woman at first.

But that is what is beautiful: these two taught each other so much, and mutually helped each other, which is key for a good marriage. When you marry, you give up your chance to be selfish (if you want to make it work). You have to live for your family as if they were yourself. And I think Hwayobi helped Hwany to see that, because she was always so good to him. And he was good to her too.

Ohh, these two can really fall in love with each other now. Hwany would never have done it in front of a camera, but now that the WGM crew is gone . . . Wedding Bells are in the future. I think now we just have to sit back and wait for Hwany to start to feel Hwayobi’s absence. It make the heart grow fonder you know.  He’ll be calling her really soon to ask for one of her dinners. . . .


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