Hwanyobi Re- cap

12 Feb

Posted by JulieSean
Soompi page 123/ Post# 2458

This is the first time that I am posting. Have been checking out this thread daily since I discovered it a month or so ago. I have wanted to post but all your comments were my exact feeling about Hwanyobi. Since watching their last episode, it still has not sunk in yet. I am so obsessed that I was not able to sleep properly…yes, I am obsessed with them.

So here are my thoughts:

Compared to other couple, I feel that they are really true and sincere towards each other unlike the other couples. Prior to this, my favourite pair was Alshin but I know they have not kept in contact since last episode, probably just courtesy calls if they do. I know Ant couple are also very true to each other and are compatible too but in a casual way. But with Hwanyobi, it is seriously like watching a true love story that unfold, which is so heartwarming. They seem to be soulmates, the “opposite attracts” type.

As Hwany is a very private person, I think he treated this program as just a job to advance his popularity. Fortunately, he met his match in Yobi who is a direct opposite from him. Despite his “mistreatment” of her even from the very beginning, she instead welcomed it, eg. encouraged him to throw the pepper sauce bottle to her from afar, like that he shouted next to her when they were at the kitchen. If he had another partner, none would have accepted his behaviour. I am sure he was surprised at the way she accepted it, and instead, always found something to laugh about.

Being an artist, he also recognised her talents and appreciated them. As time went by, Yobi was able to “thaw” Hwany through her winning ways, not forgetting her fantastic cooking. Being a bachelor and living alone, he appreciated how Yobi took care of him. I think it really dawned to him that she was so thoughtful as to give him the sweet after drinking the tonic that she so lovingly brewed specially for him. She also made him look at things differentl, that is why he became so cheerful whenever they are together, and even become silly together, heehee

Hwany is definitely a player, having many girlfriends in the past. But I don’t think he ever came across someone like Yobi. I think he always went for slim glamourous girls. Yobi is not a conventional beauty and is in fact ditzy and kinda weird. She is the kind of girls that grow on you, with such a beautiful heart, and I think he discovered it.

I will be heart broken if I find the episodes are scripted, that it is all acting. Yobi is definitely confused sometimes. Remember she asked Hwany who actually bought the Winnie The Pooh & Friends? She wanted to confirm that the gift was not arranged by the PD but from Hwany himself. Also in the last episode, she mentioned that his appearance at her concert was just a WGM mission? I think she wanted him to show his true feelings for her.

During the last episode, we can sense that Hwany wanted to let Yobi knows how he feels. Maybe to drop a hint that he may want to take things further when his new album promotions is over. Or is this just my fantasy? heehee


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