Radio Show goodie…& hidden goodie

12 Feb

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 123/ Post #2448

Some tidbits from Lean Sis.
Another playful goody from Yobi at Mr Radio:
One of the Djs (Lee Hoon) asked if she can remarry on WGM. Yobi said she doesn’t have problem cos the past with Hwany was done. DC sistas were a bit angry with her comment.
*But i think that’s another of her witty comment…if not that someone need to step up wink.gif

EDIT: as advised by Lean sis wink.gif.
Remember the scene at the Hanok when Yobi said..” You call me to sleep…I sleep”.
That was a hillarious remark from her when Hwany was surprised and asked since when i call you to sleep…haha.
Actually Hwany did call her to sleep before..Oooohhhh. Remember during the Episode where they had wine and kimchi for supper. Hwany in his tender sexy voice said, “Let’s sleep”..then he said “Clean this up later.”…and then he said (which was not sub)..”Come here enter (in korean ” Duluwa”. Then they proceed to dunno where hehe. So yobi was not wrong with that comment rite ?


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