Episode 44 Analysis post

14 Feb

Posted by Won Won
Soompi page 124/ Post #2468/ #2477

Hola all Hwanyobiers…

Okay, almost one week after the last episode, this is the long-overdue analysis post from yours truly..some of you already said some of these things before but what the heck..tongue.gif I have watched this episode countless times already but still each time I watch it, there are new discoveries. From the words they said, to their body language, there are so much to digest. I can lists down all of my discoveries but I think I’m gonna drive you guys crazy to read all of it..huuhu

When HH was reading the mission card, it was crystal clear in his eyes and face that he was shocked and the camera caught his emotions well in this epi. And Yobi, she was trying not to lose her cool in the kitchen, small chuckle while reading the card and when they both were having the meal, each were trying to hyped up the atmosphere, trying to be nonchalant. Both were hiding their sad faces while facing each other with HH making joke about his seaweed only dish and Yobi trying to picked a fight..it was bittersweet. From the way she laughed when he asked “so you want me just to go away?”..it was like she was trying hard to laugh to keep herself from tearing up..

And like some of us here, I love the way Yobi point out the things he did/never done for her. Maybe he did suprise her for his image, maybe he didn’t, he’s the one who can truly answer the question, but from the way he sulked when Yobi accused him of that, you can tell that he was sincere in giving the suprise. In case no one noticed, the way he was sulking was exactly like in the honeymoon episode.

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see how he just refused to look at her face while he was talking to her…he was totally sulking alright…

The back hug..omo, you can deny it how many times you want, but the world can see how happy you were HH. His was smilling from ear to ear all the time. When he first back hugged her, you can see for a spilt second before it was cut that he was hugging her like lovers do, that is until he got shy and started to headlocking and nudging her head…and when it was Yobi’s turn, HH was smilling so hard but covered it up when Yobi asked how was it.

and he was holding on to dear wife’s shoulder too….

After all the late night musings with HwanYobiFan and her super bionic eyes, she pointed out something to me that I totally missed before. HH is indeed a smart man, a very smart man. He made a VERY GOOD decision not to hold hands but to link arms. And the result? If you watch the video, you’ll understand what I’m talking about…tongue.gif

And when Yobi said she just want to walk proudly with him, he was smilling, almost bursting with pride, until he put his face down away from the camera. I think he was really touched by Yobi’s wish

The sweet silence while piggy back riding is the sweetest moment for me..the way they both blushed, you can actually see HH’s ears turned red..I think HH can feel her heart goes crazy..huhu

When Yobi was stuttering while asking HH to treat her in a way to make her friends jealous, we can see her vulnerable side for a moment, and I think HH saw that too by the way he was looking at her at the time with his sweet smile.

The way they covered for each other in the restaurant was just like any typical couple would do. While your partner make fun of you in private, your partner would also be the one who would be by your side. And just by watching their body language, especially HH’s, the way he was seating facing towards Yobi even while talking to the girls shows how much he depends on Yobi’s presence at that time.

And Gummy, Youngji and Lyn are really my new heroes now. I love the way they threw out the facts that fans had acknowledge months ago. Their words and questions must really affected HH. I wonder how much they know about Yobi’s true feelings toward this lucky guy. When Youngji mentioned the fish market, I don’t think she was referring to epi 36 but to actual life. They are friends so it’s logical to say that these girls sometimes went to the market together. Even while living a normal life, strangers keep asking her about her nampyeon. That’s how real their make-believed marrriage was.

Well, the park scene…i love it so much I don’t even know how to express it. Maybe HwanYobiFan sis can provide the analysis for this scene..she is much more good with words.

Watching the episode was like watching the new and real direction of their relationship (yes, to me, it’s a real relationship). Although from the early episode, we can sometimes see Hwanhee’s lack of emotions displays in front of Yobi, we can all clearly see how this farewell episode affected him. It was all written on his face.

And remember what Yobi said in the x-files’ backroom interview?
“I don’t know, I think I already gave a step. I don’t mind if no none realized that. Someday I will give ten steps in a second and will open that door then you will realize.”

I think she already gave more than half of it…now it’s up to HH how to react to that..

extra things…results of my late night musings with one of my soul sistas…

did u guys notice that Hwanyobi has a lot of sexual innuendos in their episodes??

1. epi 43 – “when you asked me to sleep, I did”
– the thing I was talking about earlier
2. epi 42 – the tissue rolls
– the shower part
3. epi 34 – lights off in the tent
4. epi 32 – sleep after supper
5. epi 25 – yobi said about giving her heart and body…LOL

did I miss anything???

EDIT: caps credit to sis HwanYobiFan for her hardwork, thanks sis

and heeyobi that is such a sweet poem..


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