Episode 44 musing

14 Feb

Posted by SQD66
Soompi page 124/ Post #2473

Sister Won-Won thanks for the thoughts you expressed regarding the last episode. I too want to talk about my feelings on the farewell episode.
I also felt that they were in shock when they got those mission envelopes. They both had expressions as if they were saddened by the envelopes
content. I’m going to take Hwanhee’s side on the part that he did things on the show honestly and not to boost his popularity or image. He has a pretty solid image.
Him planning the honeymoon as he did was also I believe his honest attempt to please Hwayobi. I think he needed to speak with some female friends before he planned it.
He is from a family of men..a brother,father,a mom and Brian! So for him this honeymoon plan was probably a great idea! Yobi’s perspective on this was right on the money.
Her coming back and supporting his effort made me love her as a person so much more. She does have a beautiful heart. The motorcycle part I loved and see no problem with it.
She got a sweet ride with him holding onto him. Riding motorcycles is a big part of him. His fans from japan I think gave him a motorcycle at the fan meet. So she should take
part in things he loves to do.
(Wonder what Brian got from the fans??)( .-that’s another story for another time!)
Back to the farewell episode. I get what you’re saying sister Won-Won about the arm link and not holding hands  . Hwanhee is a very intelligent man indeed.
The piggy back ride was one of my favorite parts. I loved that she said I don’t want this to stop. She wanted this day to go on. I am so glad she let him know her feelings.
The expressions on both their faces were so real and gave me hope for them in the future.
I loved her girlfriends also. They said everything we wanted to say to him. I wish we could find out what else was said. The part where one of them say the person may not be our usual ideal type but
gradually you fall in love with each other. The expression on Hwanhees face here was so telling. Deep thinking going on! cameraman great job! The statement also that so many people see them thru the show as a real couple and hope for their future to be together was something I wanted to say to them and was happy it was said.
The bench scene- I hope one day to watch this and not cry. Hwanhee’s face was so telling. He was emotional. I loved that he said we have had so many beautiful moments due to the show and that he will
accept this ending because all those past moments wouldn’t have happened otherwise. The sleeve part and HwaYobi saying she felt so attached to him now. Loving moments. His holding her hands,brushing her hair back touching her face ,wiping tears…so sweet. There were so many things she wanted to do with him. Hope he remembers that and does things with her as a couple. Yes HwaYobi You were a match made in heaven!
We should write some of the things we realised that they have in common. I found many. Next time I’ll start that. For now Happy Valentine’s Day all.


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