Sweet Valentine’s Concert Review Part 1

14 Feb

Posted by Leandrossxi
Soompi page 126/ Post #2505

here gose the first review. color]credit: Dc sistas)

Yobi appeared first…she sang three songs and when she was about to leave Hwany appeared and gave her a bunch of flowers(that bunch of flowers was for the concert event ,was not that hwany brought for Yobi)
they started to sing Endless love…beutifully. Yobi was singing with her eyes closed but hwany was staring at yobi all the time. his eyes were following her always and he was smiling happily,,and he looked very pleased watching Yobi singing and we should say his gaze was full of love too.
The bad thing is that The Mc was really pessimal.he should have asked clever questions to them but He didn’t do that , talking only craps

Well,after they finished singing Endless Love the mc aked ”You both perform beautifully but why did you separate? now are you in divorcing term ?(stupid0

hwany answered ”it’ s better be separated when we have an unsatisfied feeling…that way we can remember to wach oher more”

Then Yobi sad she had to go hitting Hwany..hwany said that she must go…


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