Sweet Farewell Gifts from DC Sistas & Fanyforever

15 Feb

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 126/ Post #2510

2510-1The gifts with the wedding stickers are from DC Sistas and the rest from fanyforever

The sweet gifts contents include:
*opps sorry will post a bigger pic
(1) wrapped gift (2)pen drive (that stored our LOVE CONFESSION MV) (3) Key Chains
(4) Japanese Rabbit Toys (5) The softoys wearing Hwanhee & Hwayobi pendants
(6) Our letters (Hwanyobi Soompi) that have been beautifully placed in a folder
(7) Collection of POOH & FRIENDS PENS for Yobi
(8) Their wedding photo stickers (9) Message from DCSISTAS (a wall hanger)
(10) Flower buckets that says,Gaettongie – I LOVE YOU” & My Nampyeon is awesome, the best.



A Job Well DONE smile.gif.
Amazing they actually bought the pen drives and the folders
for us at SOOMPI to send the MVs & letters.
Love definitely has no boundaries. blush.gif

More goodies to come..
but don’t stop musings..e more u muse
e more goodies will come hehe


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