Sweet Valentine ‘s Concert Talk Time

15 Feb

Posted/ Translated by Ga_yeon
Soompi page 127/ Post #2529

This is just an excerpt. Original posting here.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone! Hope everyone got lots of love.
Chocolate is totally an enemy.
I love Hwayobi’s new song- Half!!! and of course Fly to the Sky’s Go Away You and Restriction
In Korea it is the women’s job to get their men sweets for Valentine’s day
but on White Day a month later (March 14th) it is the man’s job to get their lady sweets.
If you didn’t get anything on one of those days then you have to (not really have to but this is the custom) eat jja jang myun (Noodles w/ black bean sauce Yobi eats it on the episode after the wedding photoshoot before they make the couple song) on Black Day which is one month after White Day (April 14th).
All of these holidays are commercialized and used to get higher revenue for the companies.

Thanks everyone for posting the goodies.
It would make me look bad if I continue to be unresponsive even though Lean unni is doing all the work lately.
Her Korean is better than mine and she is so good with all the little details and everything.
I have been so busy lately I didn’t have much time to check this thread.

I agree with Lean unni!!!!
The MC is a loser!!!! (Sorry for such language but there is no other way to describe him)
He was more interested in himself than the Hwanyobi couple!
His bowtie is funny and he looks like a geek.
He didn’t do a good job!! dry.gif wacko.gif crazy.gif mad.gif
Should have picked a better MC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Translation to 090214 Hyundai Valentine Concert 5

MC: You match each other so well why did you get a divorce?
Are you guys going through some hard times?
Hwanhee: No that is not it.
We have to leave in a bit of a disappointing way so that people can remember us.
MC: Losing the teamwork? (Not sure about this part! Help me Lean unni, fix my translation and make it right!)
Hwanhee: Yes
MC: I have seen you Hwanhee often even though this might be the first time that you have seen me.
Hwanhee: I have seen you too.
*Laugh* In the dressing room.
MC: I don’t really like to greet people with smaller heads than me.
That is just the way that I am.
Hwanhee graduated from Gyunggido University and I was his classmate.
There is this thing at Gyunggido where if you aren’t VERY popular then it is hard to know them.
Let’s have a handshake. *handshake*
Hwayobi: I.. now..
Hwanhee: Yobi has to go to a broadcasting now.
MC: Now we have to let her go.
Hwayobi: You all don’t do those kinds of things!!
Hwanhee: Do well Gaettongah!
MC: It is sad to see her go.
Hwanhee: Let’s applaud for her.
MC&Hwanhee: You did well today! Bye!
Hwanhee: The flowers.. the flowers take them or not..
MC: You shouldn’t take those.
Hwanhee: Take them, are you going to take them?
MC: Ok then leave it there.


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