Sweet Valentine’s Concert Goodie

16 Feb

Posted by Wonwon/ credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 128

another goodies from our lovely sis lean
it’s an interesting review of the concert by Yoyote (DCInside sis)
two goodies…

First when the stupid Mc asked HH if he had a grilfriend..
HH said many people think that he have one but it’s not true..”I don’t have any.”

but what Yoyote said..
I never saw a man looking so satisfied and not sorry at all
when he was talking that he has no girlfriend…Phahaha

edit my thought: is he hiding something??!??!!?..shouldnt he be sad that he’s all alone on Vs Day??

and about their eye contact…

what Yoyote said..
I didn’t expect from Hwany with those obvious looks in his eyes
Yobi could have died if he was a Cyclop (the X-men dude with laser beam eyes..lol)

edit my thought:….and even I turned jello watching him giving that look to Yobi..lol

and .alyak..thanks for the download link..
fans at fanyforever uploaded Yobi’s performance there as well??

Could this be a sign Hwanyobi Lovers?
Hwanhee’s fans are fully accepting Yobi’s love in Hwanhee’s life??
All of us are rooting for them to be together..!!


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