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17 Feb

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 130/ Post #2582

More musings of this article and interview from this page onwards…

Hi,sis, here are Two Big Wow Goodies

[Cookie interview] If I rejoin WGM I would like to do it with Hwayobi again
Articles, enter 2009-02-17 08:00

[Cookie Entertainment] Hwany from the male duo ‘Fly to the Sky’ was sorry because of the farewell with Hwayobi who has been together in WGM show.

In the interview he said ” If I’ve another opportunity in WGM, I want to do it with Hwayobi. I was embarrassed at first but in the middle of the show I felt very comfortable with her. As I get to know her better she is a charming fellow.” he said very convincedly , ” I don’t have any regret leaving WGM now because we left it in our best moment”

At the initial moment of Hwany’s WGM apperance, he was criticized because of his bad guy image but lately his friendly image had appealed and he is now better recognized.
His participation in WGM has been regarded as a successful performing. ”When I’m on the street old people recognize me a lot”. ”Before WGM, many people thought that I was a cold guy but now they have seen my warm side and that makes me feel satisfied.”

In WGM they were a couple but now they are rivals with their current new albums. Hwany has returned with FTTS’s 8th album’ Decennium ‘and Hwayobi has released her mini-album ‘Half.

Hwany talked about Hwayobi’s music” This time her way of singing is totally new and it seemed fresh to me” ‘ I think after the vocal surgery her voice became better” and ” I wish that she had good results with this mini-album”

Hwany also said that his performance as an actor in soap-operas, ” “Saranghae” and “Over the Rainbow” had received low ratings but it had been a good experience to me.” I would do step by step calmly as if I am a beginner.”

Gimeunju the Daily News reporter

2nd Goody!!! THE WOW GOODY

Hwany’s Radio Interview (subbed video here)
Name of radio show: Ojing O
Aired: 16 Feb 09

This show always prepares a recorded phone interview of the guest’s intimate friend
and this time for Yobi they had a phone interview with Hwany (recorded)

Writer: When did yobi look sexy for you ?
Hwany: Wow.she is really sexy when she is singing and cooking
coz she always dose her best and I almost felt crazy

When she cooks she dosen’t want a man near by…and she seems…not exactly sexy it’s kind of feminine,
it make me feel that she is going to be a good wife. a real wife. That’s my ideal woman type

Writer : have you ever feel that you were in love with her?
HH: When I saw her taking care of man. It’s not a love but I felt that I almost cross the limit..really.

* limit means that the WGM was only a show but actually he felt something real*

Writer: so why don”t you dash for her?
HH: We are in the same work field and we work together so…
I want to see her for longtime..that’s why, it’s not easy.

Writer: only that reason?
HH: Yes,except that. She is alright as a lover and everything.

Writer: so if she were not a singer anymore you would like to be with her?
Hwany : No, she must sing. She cannot spoil her great talent.
I wish she keeps her career as singer for that I don’t mind if I don’t go out with her.

Writer: But if in anyway she left not to be a singer?
Hwany :Ah Ah …I just want to know her for a long time.


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