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17 Feb

Posted by Chello
Soompi page 131/ Post #2612

Hi everyone, back with my humble thoughts and musings. In advance, sorry Lean Unni, gonna be cutting your post today!

In the interview he said ” If I’ve another opportunity in WGM, I want to do it with Hwayobi. I was embarrassed at first but in the middle of the show I felt very comfortable with her. As I get to know her better she is a charming fellow.” he said very convincedly , ” I don’t have any regret leaving WGM now because we left it in our best moment”

Well I’d sign up to watch HwanYobi on WGM anyday. So nice to know he wouldn’t change his partner for the world. You know how some people are, that they’d change partners – just for the sake of something different. Nothing wrong with that, mind you. But Hwanhee actually says that if he had to do WGM again, he’d want to be with Yobi again. He’s comfortable with her, and finds her charming. Hmmmm. Isn’t comfort with a person one of the first signs you look for in a solid friendship and then at a later stage a relationship? Someone you can truly be yourself around, when you have your up and down days and yet you know the person still knows who you truly are? Anyway. They left WGM at a great stage in their relationship – just when the fans were angling for more, they had to go. The best thing about that is that they didn’t leave with people saying “get off the show, you’re boring” (well with the exception of that annoying PD) – but rather now that they had to go at this time, the leave us wanting more – which is a great way to leave a mark. You want to leave people wanting more of you, not wanting you to get off. So too bad, WGM’s loss. Meh.

At the initial moment of Hwany’s WGM apperance, he was criticized because of his bad guy image but lately his friendly image had appealed and he is now better recognized. His participation in WGM has been regarded as a successful performing. ”When I’m on the street old people recognize me a lot”. ”Before WGM, many people thought that I was a cold guy but now they have seen my warm side and that makes me feel satisfied.”

See, this takes me back to when Yobi said about Hwanhee “his thoughts are deep and his heart is soft” despite the way he would speak to her and treat her. Hwanhee’s said it himself, he acted that way because he was embarrassed. But Hwanhee’s heart, no matter how he’s tried to portray himself as Mr. Tough Guy, has always been like that to me. He’s a real softie, and a good man – like Yobi said, “the old-fashioned way” or something to that effect in the last episode. I love in the Ant Tour episode how he stood up during the Crown J-In Young mock fight – he strikes me as a man who is mature and fights for what is right. He’s dignified and has a great sense of integrity. If Hwanhee ever has children, despite the fact we think he’s harsh, I think he’d be the one to spoil and love them silly.  Oooh…babies. HAHAHAHA. Don’t mind me, I just amuse myself sometimes. LOL.

Hwany talked about Hwayobi’s music” This time her way of singing is totally new and it seemed fresh to me” ‘ I think after the vocal surgery her voice became better” and ” I wish that she had good results with this mini-album”

I thought the same too. It’s sorta a new feeling to Yobi’s music and I really enjoyed it. Of course, I do love her ballads but personally I love having a great tune to boogie around my room to or keep me perky and alive in my car when I’m stuck in a traffic jam. My friends think I’m nuts to be so into K-pop, but hey they got sucked in too and asked for more Yobi. I also loved Yobi dancing to U-Go-Girl on Lee Hana’s Peppermint! She really should do more dance songs. Of course, she’d probably have to train a lot in order to be able to sing and dance at the same time without getting breathless (because everyone would have to work really hard to be able to do that) – but I think she’d be absolutely HOT doing dance songs live. I’ve been listening to a few upbeat songs sung by local artists here where I live and I came across a couple which I thought Yobi should do, LOL. Now if only I could get her to listen to the songs. HAHA. Wishful thinking.

Writer: When did yobi look sexy for you ?
Hwany: Wow.she is really sexy when she is singing and cooking
coz she always does her best and I almost felt crazy

When she cooks she dosen’t want a man near by…and she seems…not exactly sexy it’s kind of feminine,
it make me feel that she is going to be a good wife. a real wife. That’s my ideal woman type

You almost felt crazy huh, Hwanhee?  LOL. I totally agree with Hwanhee here. Not that I swing that way, but there is something incredibly sexy about Yobi when she sings. However, from Hwanhee’s point of view, watching her potter around the kitchen doing something for her hubby, making sure he’s kept well fed and not even letting him into her kitchen because this is something she wants to do for him – that’s sexy too. There is something sexy about that, watching your woman take control over something and not let you into her zone, and then voila she presents you with something really incredible. Even if I were a guy, I’d find Yobi cooking and singing sexy too. I guess it’s partly because she gets so immersed in what she does and doesn’t realise that her heart actually shows in the emotions she lets out when she’s doing both. Also, she morphs into someone different when she does both – this secret confidence bubbles up in her and that’s partly what makes her sexy too. A good wife? You’re ideal woman? Well Hwanhee-sshi. I wouldn’t be waiting around if I were you…especially not when she’s saying things like wanting to be in Kim Ki Duk movies!  Okay, so maybe you don’t want to go out with her now…but don’t let her stray too far! Time to utilise the “deep friendship” to its fullest!

Writer : have you ever feel that you were in love with her?
HH: When I saw her taking care of man. It’s not a love but I felt that I almost cross the limit..really.

Wahhhh, chincha, Hwanhee-sshi! You almost crossed the limit? So what held you back? The fact that it’s a show? So now that the show is over…what are you waiting for? HAHAHA. See, Hwanhee fell for her because of how she looked after him. He even said in his final backroom solo interview that he had a great time on WGM and changed from the silent, introverted person he used to be to be more cheerful because Yobi looked after him so well.

Writer: so why don”t you dash for her?
HH: We are in the same work field and we work together so…
I want to see her for longtime..that’s why, it’s not easy.

Now this is where I’m caught. I’m trying to decipher Hwanhee here. Remember to the Ant Tour when he says to Crown J during the fight part, about how he shouldn’t leave WGM like this, on a bad note with In Young – because in the real world, they’d still have to see each other during shows and stuff? I think Hwanhee really looks forward, and he’s selfless too. Working not just in the same field as Yobi but even working together from time to time (hmmm does this mean we’ll get to see more of their collaborations together in the future? sounds promising doesn’t it? ), IF something were to go wrong, it could jeopardise their professional relationship and he wants to avoid that as much as possible…plus he seems to be saying he wants to ensure Yobi is somewhat a part of his life for as long as possible – and in a way it does sound like he’d rather give up love than risk losing this deep friendship with Yobi. Hwanhee, you are such a man!

Writer: only that reason?
HH: Yes,except that. She is alright as a lover and everything.

So Hwanhee, she’s alright as a lover? Only the career thing holding you back? LOL. Maybe…it’s time to take some risks? HAHA. No, no, I’d actually much rather now that they’re off the show, that they take time to focus on their work, and spend quality time together (Yobi, you’re supposed to bring the banchan when you visit Hwanhee!) and just develop as individuals in what they do. I think we can rest assured they’re not going to just forget about each other post-WGM. k

Writer: so if she were not a singer anymore you would like to be with her?
Hwany : No, she must sing. She cannot spoil her great talent.
I wish she keeps her career as singer for that I don’t mind if I don’t go out with her.

Ah, but for the fact that she is a singer, you’d definitely go out with her now would you, Hwanhee?  Again, the inference from this statement is that he would go out with her. So there’s no problem with the whole “Oh, I don’t actually have feelings for her…” Love how honest Hwanhee is here. He’s such a great guy. I absolutely adore how he respects her in her capacity as a singer and really admires her. It’s almost as if he’s a fan! Yes, he finds her sexy when she sings, but he also has this professional admiration for her. But to say that he wouldn’t go out with her because he would never want her to give up her talent, wow Hwanhee. You make me wonder if there are more guys like you around.

Writer: But if in anyway she left not to be a singer?
Hwany :Ah Ah …I just want to know her for a long time.

Good answer, and at the same time an easy way out for him this time! Not sure what Kang Ho Dong will do to him on YSMM though! And I also hope that you will know Yobi for a long time, Hwanhee.

Now, I’m really curious as to what Yobi’s reaction was, and what else she’s been saying – seems that Hwanhee has been very honest and open about their relationship and their time on WGM, and some are already saying that they reckon Hwanhee likes Yobi more than she likes him. That pains me a little, because I went through that with the AlShin couple (with Shinae always seeming to close Alex out) and that made a bit sad. But Yobi was the one who brought up “deep friendship”…so I guess it’s not like Hwanhee’s in the corner pining secretly for her. I’m hazarding a guess here, but maybe Yobi’s the one being cautious because she’s aware of how difficult Hwanhee finds it being too much in the public, letting out such personal things in public – so possibly she’s just being careful for his sake.

Wow, I didn’t realise how much I’d written. Sorry if it’s all rehashing previous thoughts…but i just wanted to contribute mine here too. Thank you so much to Lean Unni for always being so generous with the goodies that make us go gaga, and other very active Sisterettes for always sharing and contributing and putting smiles on our faces. Looking forward to keeping our thread alive despite no more HwanYobi on WGM! Love you all Sisterettes!


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