Hidden Goodie…

18 Feb

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 132/ Post #2629

Hi, sisI ‘m going to release today’s Goody.I think I’m too generous
but I release it cozI’ll be busy next five days and may not come here.

It’s valentine concert goody

When Yobi said that she must leave coz she had another schedule
She said to the fans ”You are not going to miss me at all!!” and then she left
Yobi said.. ”Bye” to hwany
and Hwany said ”do well Gaettongah”( he said Gaettong ah 4.5 times during their meeting)

actually he said more…in a very very low voice looking Yobi

Dc sistas bionic ears have done another mission impossible@!!!!!

HH said: I will call you, bye

I don’t know if this is good or bad for your mental health …

maybe these are just speculations

Sisterrrettes !! stay well and try to bear with this goody
till I come back next week with more wow goodies .

P.S A small goody -as a gift

Today Yobi said in a radio show that when hwany gave her the piggy back ride..
she really felt sad and sorry .She said that piggy bak ride moment was very special that
she felt strange and very sorry to leave the show. and at the park too,bye


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