When is Hwanyobi turning point ?

19 Feb

Posted by Sqd66
Soompi page 133/ Post #2639

The moment I think that HwanHee fell for Hwayobi on screen….There were a few..honeymoon when she comforted him that his choice of a camping trip was not the best but okay she’ll make it work.This showed him how beautiful she is on the inside. I think she also felt he was trying his best and wanted to be supportive of his honeymoon plans. Then her song..Oh My God she Loving You so beautifully and you can see him really admiring her then.

Episode 36 also was special in that he watched her sing and again admiration was there but he didn’t let her know he watched. The actual dinner time when they had the serious talk about their feelings I loved! They were really being TRUE and REAL.

Some Real moments that showed their relationship was getting stronger outside WGM..episode 39 when they did the photo tree planning etc. so cute and couple like. Ofcourse the ending here with the christmas gifts was so special. Her joy in getting the gloves etc..was so sweet and showed her heart..you can see HwanHee here really touched by it. The couple necklace also was sweet that he put it on her.

Episode 40 with her feeding him Kimchi pancake on the ladder…caring for her man..loved it! this episode showed he was falling for her in reality. HwanHee talking to her and giving her confidence and telling her how talented she is(Singing,cooking etc,)the dance, the constant wife statement ,then the Favorites of favorites of mine…made me smile from ear to ear THE POOH gift! so special and the twirl at the end! could it be a cuter moment?

I shouldn’t leave out theWedding photo shoot ep. 37 because they had amazing photos .

Now for the parts that made me cringe a bit… in episode 36 when Yobi said to Hwanhee when he was chopping the wood- you don’t have a strong back..and he went off on her…That bothered me a lot. I think that part should have been edited out. second when they wore those animal masks..I thought it was out of both their characters and was just a scripted part.

I am sure I can talk about each episode and pick out my favorite parts but I have said enough for now. Thanks for letting me share my feelings.


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