Why Yobi cried on stage…when Hwanhee name was mentioned ?

20 Feb

Posted by Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 133/ Post # 2658

Hi, sis, I’.back for a second and maybe can give you a little help

Unfortunatly the links are already blocked. I can’t enter to watch Chocolate,

I just heard from Dc sistas why Yobi cried..

Yobi was talking about Wgm and about her special Nick’ Gaettongie’.
she said she liked that nick and she really did.
Then Lynn, Yobi’s friend started to talk about her former boyfriend who gave her a spacial Nick too ,
it was ‘ Monky'( wonsung ie-sounds in korean)
Lynn said after she broke up with her boyfriend she became very delicate in every situation.
like when she saw somethinbg related to monky even when she was at zoo…
Here Yobi started to cry,
maybe she knew very well about Lynn’s sad love story or she reamind all those memories with Hwany…
I don’t know.but there’s nothing to alarm

Dc sistas said maybe that day she was very tired and she bacame vulnerable.
Today on the radio show she really sounded cheerful and funny … so don’t worry sis.
when I have time I will translate,,right now I must go, bye,
time to time I wil be here no worries


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