KBS Quiz Show…BHS Fan’s Account

21 Feb

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi/ DC Sistas
Soompi page 134/ Post #2690

WooHoooo Goodie…
Behind the Scene (fan’s account):
Hwanhee & Hwayobi
with Dear Brian
at KBS Road Quiz Show Recording

credit: DCINSIDE/ translated by Leandrosxxi

Please consider and remember what you read below is a fan’s account of a fan like us with similar inkling of the possibility. Others may contradict or differ from her “eyes view”. It’s up to one’s own discretion. For me, i chose to go woohoooo and  when i read it.

Happy together…my best friend and my “deep friendship” friend ???
Yobi and Hwany were seated next to each other and they looked very well and happy. They looked happy to be together.
Hwany sat between Yobi and Brian. Throughout the show, Brian and yobi were teasing each other.
Hwany looked very pleased to watch Brian and Yobi close interaction.

Whispering..ooohh & hit me baby one more time….
Yobi and hwany had a lot of private talk sometimes whispering while watching others
Yobi tends to hit hwany a lot on his arm. Seems like she is accustomed to that habit.
*The Dc sister said that hwany’s arm was almost in danger to be bruised.

Nampyeon you have to be responsible for this…
Well there was a time when the Mc asked to the participants to call her ‘Gaettongie’

Sweet Nampyeon
According to Dc sister Hwany is really much sweeter to Yobi in person than when he appeared witrh her on WGM.

Oh Brian you are my dear friend but don’t you dare…
After their break time Hwany, Yobi and Brian went for a rest for a while and then returned. Before break time, Hwany was seated in between Yobi and Brian. Then, when they return, Brian intended to seat at hwany’s former place (which is beside Yobi), Hwany blocked brian to sit at his original sitting which is to sit beside Yobi.

Yobi was kissed…and she ran and look at ???
During the show, a professor( this show was shoot at Sungshun University) asked Yobi to sing. They greeted hellp (polite salutations) then, the MC asked them to give a greeting kiss. Suddenly, the professor gave Yobi a kiss on her cheek. Yobi was surprised with her eyes wide opened.Then, she sang. After she sang, the MC asked them again to kiss but Yobi ran away looking at Hwany with embarrased smile. (Unfortunately, the Dc sista coudn’t see hwany’s face).

*As “evaluated” by the DC Sista who went for the show recording & after observing and watching them for THREE hours.
One thing for sure is that Hwany & Yobi ‘s relationship is much more than a relationship in Wgm.They have made a precious ties which began from WGM and has not ended yet. How “deep is their friendship” only they know and God knows.

In short, even If they say we even don’t call each other—–> DON”T TRUST THEM

Dc sisters were really happy to know that Brian ,Hwany and Yobi looked so happy together and they seem to get along very well.


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