KBS Road Show Musing

22 Feb

Posted by Bambidandi
Soompi page 135/ Post #2698

BrianFirst of all, I’m just EXTREMELY happy that Brian, Hwany and Yobi were in the same show! I’ve always loved interactions between Brian and Yobi. Theyre so funny lol! It’s funny how Brian and Yobi were in more than 3 game show toghether but Hwany was never paired up with Yobi until WGM! It’s destiny I tell yah! Oh Brian, I appreciate you even more now because you are the fate connection just like others said biggrin.gif!

Seating Arrangements and Hwany’s blocking lol Hmm. I wonder was there any seeat arrangements or did they just sit whereever they want at their own will?? Anyways, I could totally see Hwany blocking Brian from sitting beside Yobi lol, such a Hwany thing to do. But im sure Brian purposely sit there just to tease Hwany hahaha I really wana see their reactions! Too bad it was during break time:(

Whispering WHISPERING?! I LOVE ME SOME WHISPHERING! I dont know why i got so excited lol. But I’m sure you have to be friends or have a certain relationship in order to whisper comfortably for each other. And the DCinside sista said they did that for a couple of times too!

Kissing LOL I guess the professor just couldnt resist it huh? Hahahah! I hope they filmed Hwany’s reaction!

All of the new goodies definately made me blush ahha thanks Miera and Lean!!

Thank god our couple is promoting their albums right after WGM! or else we wouldve never seen them together after the Valentine’s concert! Now we basically have things to loook forward every single week! Theres KBS road show, YSMM, Quiz sixth sense ( i believe Yobi and Ftts are both in it?)



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