Will you date a guy like Hwanhee ?

22 Feb

Posted by JulieSean
Soompi page 135/ Post # 2716

Musing about this topic can be found from this page onwards…

Since they left WGM, my life is really empty on Sunday….Despite that, I still check out this thread daily for goodies! Thanks for all who still keep this thread alive. We want them to become a couple so much that we may read too much into the they act. How I wish it’s true.

Hey, to pass the time, perhaps we can share our views on Hwanhee. Frankly, if you were to meet a guy like that who is so abrasive and all, would you have accepted it? If it’s a handsome guy like Hwanhee, think I will give me a “short” leeway but if he keeps it up, I will certainly give him hell. He is the type of guy that you fall for instantly for charms and looks alone. But given his abrasive behaviour, it really takes a whole load of patience to uncover the true beauty he is underneath. It really makes me appreciate Yobi so much more.

Here are what I remembered in the initial first episode:

1) refusing to open the door
2) threw and kicked her bag
3) overturned her bag
4) tried to get away from her at the supermarket
5) jokes about her “fat”, not liking exercise
6) take for granted that Yobi will cook, cos he went to change into comfortable clothes quickly
7) shouted next to her

Did i miss anything else?

I remembered wen I watched it, I was amazed at his behaviour, and even more with Yobi’s acceptance.

So let’s have a vote among all hwayobi lovers, would u have accepted his behaviour like Yobi? Or given him a piece of your mind immediately?


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