Hwanyobi Musing…

24 Feb

Posted by Miera
Soompi page 137/ Post #2738

Hwanyobi Moments from the Farewell Episode...
Courtesy of a dear sistaYunYun smile.gif. It’s lovely sis. Thank you.

Our cute Yobi laughing hillariously in the day….
and the when nite comes the hubby words just melts it…

He was smiling..wasn’t he ?

“I don’t want to get off….I want everyday to be like today.”

The night that that has yet to end….

More CAPtivating moments to come….courtesy of YunYun sis.

Adding on to yours SQD66 sis…Hwany & Yobi at KBS Quiz Show (gee any hwanyobi moments pics ??)

credit: DCINSIDE

Opps btw, after the quiz show recording Hwany and Yobi were sick. Yobi mentioned in yesterday radio show that she was having flu and the dear hubby too rite . ?
*updated by lean sis/ Dc Sistas

Wooo..Lean sis..7.4% . But it seems that the rating is based due to a change in the timing or some other circumstances. But that has to be e worst in WGM history.

Hola thirties...wooohooo that’s a thirsty gif of Hwany hehe…

Won Won sis…thanks for the lyrics. Very Yobi. Ironic rite..Yobi wrote HALF and Hwanhee wrote WHOLE note. hehe.


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