Episode 29 & 30 Re- cap

25 Feb

Posted by JulieSean
Soompi page 139/ Post #2762

More musings of this re- cap from this page onwards.

I need immediate psychiatric help. I keep watching previous episodes of Hwanyobi almost daily, i miss them so much. But after coming to the thread, I realise that I am not alone.

Read in the earlier thread about AnBi couple admitting that they like each other. So are they a couple? I find it unbelievable becos in all their episodes, I find that Andy did not really like Solbi that much. Do you guys feel the same? Compared to Hwany, through his subtle actions in the later episodes, we were able to see that he has started to fall for Yobi.

Now time to dissect Episode 29 & 30, the Ant Tour.

Do you guys find that the rest of the couple treated them like a joke? I feel they looked down on Yobi, who behaved in her usual quirky way plus I think they disrespected her as she let Hwany get away with his “mistreatment” of her. And with his pet name “Gattongie”, I felt that they were disgusted with Hwany. They were not shown the respect they deserved for their years of experience in the industry. Compared to the rest, who are one or two hit wonders, they have about 10 years of experience already. I felt a bit disgruntled with it. Just biased I guess.

On to dissecting Hwany, I find it cute when he showed concern when the luggage slammed onto Yobi’s hands. As usual, he camouflaged his concern by showing more concern for the luggage bag…When they were in the bus, you could tell Hwanyobi felt uncomfortable in the presence of the rest. Maybe becos the rest do not understand their way of communication. Every couple communicated differently in their own way…different ways of getting closer, getting to know each other more, etc.

Then came the controversial pet name. At first I was quite offended that he found it to be funny. The meaning behind the pet name is disrespectful but somehow it sounds cute, it just grew on me. I feel that he should not have announced to the rest his new pet name for Yobi. It only made everyone look down on them and worse, they started calling Yobi that too. It is one thing to be called that by your partner, but another to be uttered by people you don’t know very well. Hwany felt proud to have come up with the nickname but I felt he slighted Yobi. Whether Yobi finds the pet name suitable or not is beside the point here.

Then when Yobi and Inyoung had the wrestling match, he kept using “dog poopie” references in his encouragement. I find it really went overboard.
I think he realised it as the day went by cos in the backroom interview, he mentioned that the pet name is only to be uttered by him and no one else.

However, my displeasure slowly ebbed away cos he showed his concern so subtly. I like it best when he carried her handbag while they walked in the sand, covered her with towel, from the way he defended Yobi when is it Marco? laughed when Yobi tied her pants during the couple race, the way he put his arm around her waist rather than the shoulder compared to the rest, helped her at the balcony. However the part where he gave her chocolate seem insincere cos the chocolates were taken from his manager! Another discontentment is that Hwany claimed that he does not like to sing for others unless on stage. But having watched him in variety shows like Xman, he sang so many times to the girls already! :{

The funny part that I love is when Yobi wanted to sit next to Hwany during the ‘block’ game. Hwany gave her a look and she quickly put back the chair.
Imagine at that point, she already knows what his look means without even saying anything. So do you guys think that he would have liked Yobi to sit next to him if her change of position hadn’t blocked the cameraman?

Look forward to your feedback! Let’s continue to dissect every episode until…..they get together. haha!


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