FTTS & Yobi appearing for Introducing Star’s Friend

25 Feb

Posted/ Translated by Ga_Yeon
Soompi page 139? Post #2769

Hot off the press!!
Oh I didn’t know that Miera posted about it before but here’s the translation to the news article
Link: http://star.moneytoday.co.kr/view/stview.p…7174&type=1

Hwanhee-Hwayobi Couple, Blind Date Meeting ‘Reunion’

Hwanhee and Hwayobi from the show ‘Sunday Sunday Night’s’ ‘We Got Married’ will reunite on a blind date meeting.

Hwanhee and Hwayobi have a ‘Celebrity’s Friend Blind Date’ recording on the 25th and they have been scheduled to appear.

The show is scheduled to air on White Day (March 14th). They are scheduled to bring their friends and they will have a date together.

Hwanhee and Hwanyobi have been a make-believe couple on the show ‘We Got Married’ for 5 months. (So sad that they left  ) They had a joint Valentine’s day concert together.

On the other hand Brian, Danny An, Boom (He is always on the show), Yoo Chae Young (She is quite the character), After School’s (New girl group) Soh Young have been scheduled to appear. The recorded parts will air on the 14th.


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