Episode 44 Musing

27 Feb

Posted by Caribeanne
Soompi page 140/ Post #2792

wow I haven’t been here in a looong time and so much has happened! school is getting pretty intensive for me so I have lil time for hwanyobi… didn’t think that after WGM there’s so much for them! pleasant surprise I must say =) and after even several weeks of no Hwanyobi … they still never fail to make me feel choked up when I watch all those videos, duets and interviews *awww*

I think I ever said this and I think it’s so true (at least HH echoed it during the radio interview) The thing that is stopping them from being together is the public opinon. poor celebs, I think they wd rather spare themselves the intense scrutiny of the netizens & media, then risk it and date openly since these pple always exaggerate things and start potentially hurtful rumours. Hope they are dating on the secret though =) Everything I watch them, it’s like this wistful feeling that it can go further but they are just holding back, and there is a kinda pain in that holding back.

I really liked their finale episode. I mean Hwanhee, despite all his bashfulness and self-consciousness and pple-consciousness, seriously couldn’t help show his obvious liking for her. I mean when she put her hand ard his neck, that was a real deeply happy smile from him =) and that last part where she was crying and he offered his whole arm… awww *priceless*


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