Hwanhee is not my ideal man type

28 Feb

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 141/ Post #2820

Hwanhee is not my ideal man type
Source: ffn.co.kr (Article here)
Credits: Madgepop/ Translated by Leandrosxxi

She had been married with Hwany from FTTS for six months. Hwayobi said, “Hwanhee’’s character has all the quality to be a husband that I’ve always been dreaming of…but Hwany is not my ideal man type”.


“In my life, my aim is to be happily married, to be a beloved wife, daughter- in – law and a mom….In Hwanhee’s character I can see the reflection of a good husband that I’ve always have in mind. Some people said that he was a bad guy but I know how is he inside so I don’t get upset . But he is not the type of guy who I want to marry with.

I consider separately the date partner and a marriageable partner. To date I want to meet all kind of partner but to marry with I would like to someone attentive who knows how to take care of our home. I would like to meet him when I ‘m 30 ,I will date him for 1 year and then I want to marry him when I’m 32.

Aren’t her statements very contradicting ?… . Lean sis shared that , dear Yobi is probably too tired to digest all these questions about Hwanhee that have been arrowed to her and she herself becomes confused on how to answer it . Lean sis have been having difficulty to even understand what Yobi saying though it was in Korean..hehe. Yobi if your are confused, we are confused too.

SQD66 sis…abt their friendship before WGM. I can only assume based on what we know “on screen”. Yobi has been close with Brian (way before WGM) and Hwany has been close with Lynn/ Gummy (way before WGM). They are friends because they are colleagues, acquaintance and a friend to their own close friends. But i think a friend with no depth to it…i dun think i wld even call it a friendship even, just friendly acquaintance maybe.


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