If I rejoin WGM, I want to do it with Hwanhee

28 Feb

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 140/ Post #141

NEWS Goody specially from Lean sis…

If I rejoin WGM, I want to do it with Hwany
Source: Newsen (Article here)
Credit: Madgepop/ Translated by Leandrosxxi

Hwayobi went to a trip to the hot spring with her best friends, Lynn and Young Ji to celebrate her birthday

On MBC program ’Glorious Day’ aired on 27 Feb, Hwayobi appeared in front of the camera with her swollen eyes in early morning and gave lots of laugh to the audiences. When Hwayobi ,lyn and Young Ji first met, they immediately becomes very devoted friends because they are about the same ages and they practice the same genre of music . They were always cheerful and talkative together and that shows their deep friendship.


Specially on that day Hwayobi shared to the public about her ideal man type. She said that ”I prefer a bad guy type than a kind guy. When a blunt man smiles at me that is a million dollar smile.’ then Lyn mentioned that ‘ When Hwayobi has a boyfriend we can’t contact her.”

YoungJi keeps talking about Hwayobi’s style of love, ” When Yobi is in love with a guy ,she always sees only the good side of him, Hwayobi doesn’t mind if he has money and connection . An ordinary man becomes very special man because of Hwayobi and when the change is made Hwayobi just lets him go without any regret.’
*I especially lurve this part….how sweet when her dear friend mentioned that exceptional quality of hers.

Hwayobi also said that if she rejoins WGM she wants to do it only with Hwanhee.

She came back with her mini-album ‘ This is Love’ and with her special 4 D charm she is making many appearance on various entertainment shows.


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