One on One with Hwayobi

1 Mar

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Soompi page 143/ Post #2847

One-on-one with Hwayobi

Did the subject up there grant me your attention a bit? or maybe a little curiosity? hahaha…  It was kinda o_O? moment for me too when I first read the news article’s title~ And of course, I was ‘dying’ to hear what she said about my Hwanhee (keke… erm…)

Oh, and Hwayobi’s new single “Half” is definitely ‘eating’ up SNSD’s Gee~
WOOHOOO! what a great news!
“Gee” has been pretty popular on music charts, and now, “Half” is kickin’ their butts! ㅋㅋㅋ I personally didn’t think that it’ll go far, but apparently, Hwayobi’s power is still alive and kickin’!
So happy for oori 개똥이 ^^

(the article is after the cut, and since it’s soooo long, I was thinking of cutting it short, but there are some interesting questions… so, it’s a pretty interesting article to read. She’s indeed one of a kind! smile.gif I’m so glad she got together with Hwanhee on the show ^^ a refreshing character!)

Hwayobi, “I give my all to a man, but I don’t cling out to them (or drag them down)…”

“개똥이” Hwayobi the singer has returned.

The 4-dimensional appeal she has introduced through the popular Sunday night program, “We Got Married”, and also the new album, “This is Love” have graced Hwayobi’s comeback to the singing stage. The R&B diva has reach up a step with her unique technique which appears on her newest single, “Half”

This title song, “Half” tells a story of a woman who is in love with a man who has a lover already. The heartbreak and the struggle… noone can portray this better than Hwayobi’s husky voice and sexy image.

Hwayobi said, “I didn’t want to talk about cliche love stories, so the lyrics that I wrote came out differently than what my original thought of love. Out of 70 songs that I received, I came to pick only 5 of them…”

Hwayobi expressed that in song theme for “We Got Married” – “This is love”, she was able to express her joy and happiness in the song. Working together with composer Kim, they created a happy melody that fits well with the mood of the track.

“After 8 years debut, I want to seek a multi different voice”

– Is there a special reason why the ‘multi voice’?

▶ I’m always pursuing for the multi different voice.
I’ve always wanted to have songs that are able to come alive as the singer sings it. As for the album’s title song, I want to avoid it to be just ‘pretty’ song. “Half” has a sad song lyrics in it, combined with the electronics melody that brings out a strong sense of overcoming power.

– “Half” was written by you as the title song and it’s about falling in love with a man who already has someone else?

▶ Yes, but “Half” is not a reflection of my own love story (laughs) I feel strange to hear a regular love song or breakup songs, so rather than the typical love story, I’d prefer to give a little ‘tension’ to it.

– The album title “This is love” seems to talk a lot about love?

▶ My music is a far different story. I’m like the next door’s sister so we can talk to each other like close friends. The artist and the album title have to have that ‘distance’ / connection that mean something. I’ve always wanted to do music that shows a simple and universal love, something where a person can love and receive love.

– Was the music video a directed acting?

▶ I don’t like the type of music video that’s like a drama. But when the singer appeared on stage and act with her eyes and gestures, it can help the viewers think about it once in a while.

– You seem to be different on and off stage.

▶ I try to be serious when I sing. (laughs) Whether is personally or not, I did sing about love, so even if they say that they’ve received a friendly and humanistic love, it’s hard to erase the image as a singer and I don’t want to erase it…

– And your image as a singer has looked very mature.

▶ Yes, indeed. I wanted to have a mature image than just a cute girl image.

– After the vocal cord surgery, your voice sounds better.

▶ My voice got so clear, due to trying to sing my best. Before my voice wasn’t so clear, and it was dark husky voice. But since I was a kid, this was the voice that I have.

– As a singer, is there a voice you’re envious of?
▶ No. (she answered “no” as soon as the question was asked).
My voice is at the perfect condition for recording.

– Having a husky voice is likely to be misunderstood that you like to drink a good wine.

▶ In fact, I drink alcohol. (laughs) Drinking alcohol doesn’t make your neck bad. But I can’t drink it during the time I’m working, because it’ll make my face swollen. Drinking water is the best to keep my throat in good condition.

*skipping a few questions, then jumped to “We Got Married” related questions…*

– Your fan-base has increased tremendously after you appeared on “We Got Married”

▶ Definitely yes. The experience has broaden my fan-base. It was actually a great experience to be on the show.

– Is there anyone else you want to be partner-up with rather than Hwanhee? And how is Hwanhee?

▶ No, Hwanhee was the best, because of him I was able to shine. He’s the best to fit my personality. He’s also very thoughful and manly. I like how he was very dependable and good at taking care of himself…. he has many good sides of him. Because we weren’t close in the past, I didn’t know that he was that type of person. Now we’re very close.

– What do you think of Hwanhee as a singer?

▶ I’m a huge fan of his. I have a lot of songs (of Hwanhee) that I like.

– Ever called him (Hwanhee) personally?

▶ No, because I don’t want to cause rumors. In reality, we could just be meeting up for drinks, but some people would really believe that we’re going out for real. We both didn’t want to cause misunderstandings or give the wrong ideas to people.

– The food looks really good, and surprisingly, the marriage seems to be genuine.

▶ That dedication is my style as I love doing the best for my man. So I’m comfortable doing that. Though at first he seemed arrogant, but he’s not like that. (laughs). That’s the way for me to be comfortable. And if once a man becomes arrogant, then he’s automatically out. I absolutely don’t want to hang on to a man. I really like cooking.

– Though it’s a virtual marriage, you didn’t change.

▶ Well, I don’t know if I’d be EXACTLY like that (later on when she has her own family/marriage).
I want a family-type man. By this, I don’t only mean someone who really cares for me. Even if that person was cold, I would like him as long as he is responsible to his family.

– Do you like the ’sexy’ concept?

▶ No. The song just fits the attire. There isn’t a lot of skin showing but people just see it that way. After putting on boots and pants, the only thing showing was strings… just in case my chest might show, I wrapped myself in chain… and because I have my curves, they say if I wear tight clothes, it might show some skin that it’ll appear exotic… it wasn’t intentional to go with the sexy concept.

– But together, you look sexy and cute.

▶ Not sexy, it isn’t! (laughs) Ha ha ha!

– You look very beautiful though.

▶ I’m becoming uglier the more she works. Make-up isn’t getting on as well. My face is too wet and when it’s dark, I have dark circles. Because of my busy schedule, I’ve become uglier after my album was released.

– New Year’s plan/resolution?
▶ I want to make a high quality gospel this year.

(the last question kinda surprised me. but hey, good for you, Hwayobi! I’ll be waiting for your gospel album, just like I’ll be waiting for Brian’s  hehe)

(big thanks to April for the great help! You rock, babe. Thanks for letting me bug you with this long article haha~)
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