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3 Mar

Posted by Miera/ Credit: Leandrosxxi
Soompi page 143/ Post #2858

Posto..Posto…Radio goodie from Lean sis

Hwanhee at Maybee Volume Up Radio Show 2nd March
*from the videos that Sqd66 posted above.
* goodie part translated by Leandrossxi

Maybee said: did you know that Yobi is fixed on this show as a guest?
Hh: Really?
Maybee: She is guest for the section single man&woman

About Marriage

Maybee: it was a virtual marriage but what is your feeling after you had married?
HH: Well…Before WGM I never thought about marrying. I found some merit to be married.
When I come home. I have someone waiting for me. When I’m living alone there’s no one waiting for me
when i get home all lights are off. And I have someone cooking delicious foods for me
having someone taking care of me and thinking for my sake only was good.
Maybee:You must have changed your opinionn about marriage, right?
HH:I never thought about marrying one day but well not very much still but I realized
why ppl get married.
Maybee: So you realized all the merit to be married
HH: yes

His style of dating
They started talking about HH’s style of dating to start to date a woman
Brian said that he is very shy to start that he always investigate first if that woman in his mind also likes brian
but HH approach is very direct.

He will ask for her phone number and called her directly without any hesitation
Once Hh called that woman and said< “I’m Hwahnee, let’s keep in touch as friend.”
l And the woman answered I dun talk to strangers
Hh said : We are talking now, we are no more strangers
After that call, she didn’t call back
But HH called her several times and then they keep contact.
HH said to that woman: I am not asking you to marry me I’m only asking you to be a friend so let’s keep in touch.

About babies and children…

Brian said that he really likes babies that he wants to have one
Then, the DJ asked HH:How about you?
Hh said: I want a boy
DJ: but you should like a daughter too I think.
HH: thinking…well I would like to have a daughter too coz my parents have got only two boys.
My mother feels very lonely bcause she hasn’t got any daughter.
So I would like to have a daughter as the first child but in other hand I’m worried that if she is like me.
She will be very mischievious. A daughter like that will make me worry. To be a mischievious boy is better.
Brian said but if his daughter looks like HH (his eyes especially)…she will be very pretty

In this radio show, Brian also confessed that he has someone in mind that he cares for and he has the intention to marry this girl (non- celebrity from his church/ but it seems this girl yet to know about it). Some articles are writing abt Brian’s confession. So when is his other friend’s turn ?


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