Radio & Video Goodie

5 Mar

Posted by Miera/credit: Leandrosxxi

Video tidbit:
In this video: (the KBS 1TV Korea’s Family –FTTS cut..posted before).
Yobi was talking about the special need boy who likes the 3 TEDDY BEAR Song. So Yobi said that the 3 teddy bear stands for MAMA, PAPA and the SPECIAL Boy. Yobi said MAMA bear is her and there’s no PAPA bear. Then…in the video it re-cap to old video clips and show a caption of “FATHER” and guess whose pic/ video it refers to….HWANHEE.
*credit: Crazsri sis/ Lean sis can re-confirmed the content hehe.
*sorry dunno exactly which part.

Radio show tidbit:
Yesterday, FTTS appear in a radio show (a short clip here). Hwany was asked again about Yobi…and again similar answer that he has given before…he wants to know Yobi for a long time as a friend. We will never know rite sis…but friend has various meanings rite wink.gif…hehe either use your biased or rationale thoughts.
*I don’t know the full details..that’s just the gist.

The invisible bond…The SUSPICIOUS Ring & Necklace:
DC sistas are also talking about it as both of them have been wearing it lately. It seems not to be sponsored item.


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