Are they an ideal match ?

6 Mar

Posted by Madgepop
Soompi page 146/ Post #2917

It seems as though we will forever be puzzled by that one perplexing question- “Are they or aren’t they?”- until one of them speaks up and says otherwise. It’s just that both have been quick to deny that what they have is nothing more than friendship. But, both have also been very vocal in their utterances of admiration, most especially Hwanhee, who even went so far as to say that Yobi is his ideal type of woman.

It’s clear that they both posses the characteristics they are looking for in their ideal man/woman. So what’s stopping them? Hwanhee said it’s being in the same line of work. He wants to know her more and perhaps he wouldn’t want to ruin a great friendship by dating Yobi. There could actually be a thousand reasons why they are or they are not what we wish them to be. But if being friends means it’s the only way for them to remain a part of each other’s lives, then I’d rather have them stay that way. I just wish both Yobi and Hwanhee stretch out their options and not see things in mere black and white, either or situation.That they can reach their dreams and still be happy in love. That if they are willing to, they can still have the best of both worlds. I just hope they open their hearts to the possibility of it all.

And we should too. I know it’s healthy to pitch our expectations low since hoping for too much is risking disappointments and heartaches. But sometimes, risks need to be taken right? It’s a bigger disappointment if nothing is ever risked in life. So it’s okay to hope. I think it is perfectly fine if they choose to be friends at the moment, friends is good, being strangers isn’t. And both admitted that they have grown much closer than they’ve been before. And when it comes to relationships, I personally think both Hwanhee and Yobi wouldn’t compulsively enter into a relationship without much thought and consideration, so I guess they are just biding their time until the perfect moment comes along. I, for one, am most looking forward to the coming of that day.


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